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BHF #mymarathon starts today

It's been a little while since I was here. I've been focusing on my weight loss over the last few weeks so been spending my forum time allowance on My Fitness Pal, sorry C25k buddies :)

So I signed up to do the British Heart Foundation MyMarathon, which is to run a total of 26.2 miles over the course of May and today is May! 

It's rather poignant that I'm doing it now; my husbands Uncle passed away from a heart attack on Friday and he was like a second Dad to him during his teenage years after his own Dad died (also from heart disease). 

I can still only really get out on weekends due to work and home commitments, and I have one weekend away in May so my plan is to attempt (ACHIEVE) the 26.2 in 3.75 mile runs which will take 7 runs, that should enable me to get it all in without overdoing it. The maximum I've ever run so far is 5k, I'm not used to miles but I think 3.75 miles works out at about 6k. I hope I can do it! I have to do it!

So despite having a bit of a cold, i'll be heading out for my first session later this afternoon. Wish me luck!

And cheeky though it is, if anyone wants to make a small donation (£1 would be fabulous) the link to my fundraising page is here: mymarathon.everydayhero.com...

If any one else fancies signing up, the link is here: mymarathon.bhf.org.uk/

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Ah lovely to see you again Kim xxx 

Sorry about your loss (((( )))) what a brilliant tribute to his memory .

Good Luck with your challenge , I am sure you will achieve it . You're a C25ker , you're made of strong stuff ! :-) xxx

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Welcome back, running buddy! Great to hear from you again👍 I'm the opposite, I'm spending more time running and trying to get fit, rather than weight loss. And I've been neglecting the weight loss forum. Good luck with your runs - you'll manage it easily and you're a speedy PumpKim so you'll have no problem with 6 k!

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Missed you.... Sad new,  but what a tribute you will be making!

You will do this, you have been so determined throughout your running journey. :)

Huge Good Luck! x

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Excellent. I have signed up too so great to have a buddy. A few of us pledged on the quest thread. 

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Where will I find the quest thread?


Run 1 done! 4.49 miles in total. Had a short walk in the middle but the second wind it gave me helped me get past my target of 3.75 miles per run. I changed my mind about my route after about 1k and took myself off to the canal, knowing I always seem to find the runs easier along there. Perhaps because it's so flat!

Back out again tomorrow, taking advantage of the day off work.


well done to you. partaking in the same fund raiser myself. you will definitely achieve it. hope you enjoy it. it really is a worthwhile cause. here's a wee link to my pagehttps://mymarathon.everydayhero.com/uk/phildevittmarathon .    just enjoy and once again well done


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