Couch to 5K

My plan for moving forward....thoughts welcome :)

My first goal is to run for 5K which should take me approx 38/40 mins at my current pace, I'd also like to build up stamina to tackle the inclines better than I am currently doing, so until the new podcasts come out, this is my plan for next couple of weeks:

Run 1 - Intervals. Go back and do the week 1 podcast again, but this time very fast run for 60 secs and then walk for 90 secs etc. The week after I will do week 2 etc....

Run 2 - Medium. Do week 7, the 25 mins run, start off running slowish for 10 mins, build speed up for next 10 and the finish faster for the last 5 mins.

Run 3 - Long run. Run for 33 mins at whatever pace feels right. Build this up by 10% each week.

I'll be doing these on a mixture of treadmill and outside, so it will be easier to watch my speed on some runs than others, but this is what I'm thinking of doing.

This is the plan at the moment, but I'd be interested to see what others think of this or if anyone has any other suggestions??? :)

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I love this plan!

It sounds very similar to what I did after I had grduated and it worked very well for me. I also built my long run up by 10%, like you plan to, and was soon running up to and over an hour because it is amazing how time flies!

I did try the b210k that others have followed on here, but I hated it! I just didn't like going back to the walk/run thing, but it's a personal thing.

And then when the new podcasts come out you'll enjoy the new approach too.

Good luck! Looking forward to hearing how you get on :)

Oh yes, forgot to say, have you got the trial podcast? I think that it would be good for your 'medium' session because although it lasts for 30 minutes, it does a gradual build up in pace and the warm up and cool down is within the 30 minutes.



Thanks Theresa :)

No I don't have the trial podcast but it does sound good to put in my middle run and yes I am thinking of doing the B210K as I did enjoy the intervals strangely enough :)


Hi Minuette - here is the link to the pilot podcast (don't lol too much at the man who says his name is Laura....):

Make sure you click where it says 'Click here to download from sendspace' as there are some annoying ads on the page too.

I haven't followed this yet, but any day now! NB I have an 'unbranded' B210K programme that another member on here kindly sent me. It has lots of run/walk intervals which I'm finding useful as I'm automatically speeding up when I know I have a shorter burst of running. Can pass it on if you like.


Oh juicy that's great thank you for the link!! I've got the B210K which a member here sent me too which was great, I'll be definitely looking into that once I've cracked the 5K :)


Looks good Minuette.

Thinking of doing something similar and am looking forward to just going out and running for as long or as short a time as I like just for the fun of it!

Going to have a couple of rest days now to try and get the knees feeling better.


sounds good. I found that doing the interval sessions make the long run seem more manageable. good luck :)


And interesting that my 'veteran' marathon-running colleague says he always builds in some walking breaks, even in a race - and ends up faster overall. My maths is too bad to be able to work that out - duuhhhh :-(


I started the bridge to 10k today after increasing running time to 35 minutes over last few weeks since graduating.. I ran for 40 minutes and even with the intervals of 1 minute every 10 minutes did a good time..I think the psychology of breaking down longer runs into intervals is for me at the moment anyway.. The music was okay. I have also been using the pilot podcast for my medium run and have found it really challenging so looking forward to the new ones! I like your plans and hope to do similar post how it goes!


I'm just on week 5 now but will be really interested to hear how you get on with this. I have enjoyed running a mixture of treadmill and outdoors and now I've started with a Garmin Forerunner I feel more confident about leaving the treadmill. Definitely more of a tortoise than a hare!


Thanks everyone, I will keep everyone posted on how I'm doing, really looking forward to doing this :)


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