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Singapore newbie!


Well I'm starting C25k tomorrow! If I'm honest that's why I'm on here -if I say it publicly then I can't back out!

I moved to Singapore at the start of the year and have decided that my new life needs a new, fitter, me!

Obviously there's all the health benefits from doing exercise but the brutal honesty is I want to be able to wear short shorts and have fabulous legs! I want to feel confident wearing a bikini, and when I next go back to Blighty I want all my friends and family to say 'wow' because I look amazing!!

Ha ha how vain am I sounding?!

I'm currently about a stone over my healthy BMI weight, and about 2 stone over what I say is my ideal weight. I've pretty much lived on take-aways since November so the healthy eating starts tomorrow as well.

I've been reading posts on here for a couple of months now and know that you give great advice and feedback - I think I'm going to need it!

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Welcome Jellebean. You have made the choice to start and that is half the battle. Good luck tomorrow and just remember to go slowly. Keep posting and let us know how you are getting on. :-)


We all really want to look fabulous as well as be really healthy, so no shame there. Look forward to reading about your progress, away you go!


Good luck with your first run - as caz says, take it slowly - you can always speed up later, but going slowly to start with lets all your joints get used to things gradually and makes it much less likely to get injuries.

It worked for me anyway, and I've just run my first 5k, having started just before Christmas, struggling to run for 60 seconds. It's a brilliant programme, and this is a great support site. :)


Another international member - welcome JB! :) Enjoy the programme and blog about your journey to get loads of help and encouragement. Out of interest what kind of temperature is it out there at the moment for you to run in?

Best of luck with the healthy eating and weight loss too!



Think we'd all be lying if we denied that we were wanting to look better as well as feel be a healthier weight. Thankfully it all goes together with this programme! Best wishes for your progress. :)


Thank you everyone!

Sue, the average temperature this week is 30 degrees! I've planned to either run first thing in the morning or after sunset, when it's at it's coolest - but even that's about 25 degrees.

On days when it really does feel just too hot there's an air conditioned gym in our condo so I'll hit the treadmill instead!


Oh, I love Singapore! I don't love the humidity, though - all the best running in that :D Keep us updated on your progress!


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