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PCOS lady who lost 7 stone but has now gained 2 ... needing inspiration

After weighing in at a hefty 18 stone almost 10 years ago, I managed to lose 7 stone. It was a long slow journey and I was managing my weight well especially as I also have PCOS syndrome which makes it even harder to lose weight. However after a period of depression which stripped me of my enthusiasm to run and keep fit, I've gained nearly 2 stone in the last year. So I'm here for inspiration and to get back on the fitness wagon.

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You can and will do it... because you’ve done it before. This time will be even better (apparently it’s a little easier too). I wish you all the best. Don’t forget that running is both a motivator to lose weight but also one of the benefits! I look forward to reading about your journey back to your previous fitness levels and reaching your goal weight


If you look at the polls on this site, you will find one asking about mental health benefits from running.............95% of respondents reported some mental health benefits.

This programme works in turning you into a runner but does so much more than that. The boost to well being leads, for many, to improved self esteem and confidence. The corny old catchphrase " Be fitter, feel happier" really does seem to a consequence of regular physical exercise.

This community, through which the majority pass as they move on in their running lives, also has a lot of long term adherents, like me, who find it a wonderfully life affirming place, daily full of people discovering the power of exercise to change their lives, literally, for the better. We are an inclusive and supportive bunch and while, to my knowledge, I have only met two other contributors to the forum, there is a kinship here and we are all here for one another.

C25K creates happy, healthy runners........what more can I say.

Please join us.

This guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... may be helpful.


For me, C25K was only just the start - but it has changed the way I live my life and who I mix with. It led me to parkrun and also to a local running club which in turn has led to different social occasions mixing with healthy, social, vibrant people. Today it was a public holiday here - Australia Day. I spent the day with a group of people at the beach whose ages ranged from around 30 to 83 - all runners and some used to be runners but now walkers . All truly alive!! :)


Hello, and welcome! Well done on your amazing weight loss, and I have no doubt you can lose those pesky two stones that have crept back on, and reach your goals.

Do keep posting so that we can cheer you on and perhaps also help you along in the more difficult moments. As Iannodatruffe says above, the benefits to mental health from running are very real and significant. Also, introducing an element of regularity to your exercise routine really helps in establishing order in all aspects of life and health, such as eating and sleeping.

I hope you have a good doctor to help you deal with PCOS, which I know can be a real pain but can also be managed well.

Good luck! :)


Welcome to the c25k forum kezpot, this program is for everyone and really works. You will be learning to run by jogging slowly with walking breaks. The running intervals gradually increase as you gain fitness and stamina and you will be surprised and amazed by what you can do...

A sportsbra and some training shoes are all you need to get started...

Have a look at the information in the link given to you by lannodatruffe and start ...Week 1 Run1.

Post on here for any advise and so we can cheer you on. You can do it😊x

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Yeah climb back on and stay on! There's no substitute for sticking with it. Think what will happen if you don't. Eek!

With that thought in mind, get cracking with the fabulous Couch to 5k learn to run programme while maintaining a healthy eating regime. Walk as much as you can. Build more walking into your everyday life. I'm a huge fan of walking as it's cheap but brilliant. Learning to run with the walk jog walk type of programme like C25k is good for your wellbeing as well. It's a positive step towards making yourself feel better. Being positive is half the battle

So, get cracking! Being organised is key to eating well. Plan ahead and set yourself up to succeed. Have a spring clean of your cupboards and pantry, fridge and freezer and stock up with good stuff. Recycle the things which will sabotage your efforts

Good luck. Report in often. There's a weight loss community, and PCOS community as well I believe. Go and have a look. The weight loss thing is good. You can also find the NHS weight loss plan on the NHS Livewell site which is where the C25k podcasts/app originated

There's plenty of help and support out there. Now it's over to you. Have fun!

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Thanks all for the encouragement, tomorrow is the final run of week one and I must say I've enjoyed it. I do enjoy interval running. I've also jumped back on the exercise bike in between runs. I definitely feel better in myself by incorporating some fitness back into my lifestyle.

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