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Starting Week 1 today. First Run tomorrow!!! Any starting 'buddies' out there?

Looking forward to starting back on the road to fitness.

I've just turned 40 and decided to change my life! I'm 5'9" tall and over 18 stone. Looking to the future I want to play more football with Oliver, chase him around the park, cycle etc.

Whilst I'm fairly fit through walking the dog and having a lunchtime stroll through the park, a 5 mins game of footie with him leaves me breathless. This is why I want to lose weight. I am also scared that if I continue as I am, that I will not be around for the future.

So here goes. I did a bit of running in 2009 / 2010 so have all the gear. So I now need to dig out my trainers, shorts etc. tonight and get pjsically and mentally ready for the off tomorrow.

Anyone else starting Week 1 this week who would like to 'buddy' up?

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Hi OliversDad. You will find c25k a brilliant way to get into running. :) I'm on week 6 now, but week 1 feels like it was yesterday. I started for much the same reasons as you, and really didn't think I would make it this far. I've already felt the benefits, in a better general fitness and the determination to get my diet on track too. People here are really supportive and inspirational, and there are new people starting all the time, so i'm sure you'll soon find someone at the same stage as you. Listen to Laura, keep reading the blogs on here, post about your progress, and enjoy the journey. You and your son will be so glad you started. :D


Thanks for the welcome and advice Legion. I imagine running helps your diet as if you can be motivated to get out and run it's a shame to then 'un-do' it with unhealthy eating.


Precisely! ;) Plus, exercising means I can have an extra treat despite dieting (I use to count calories), which is even more incentive to get out there and get active. :D



I'm not a newbie on the plan, I graduated 6 weeks ago but nearly 4 months ago I started this plan and it's been a fantastic life-changing experience.

I thought I'd just comment here because from your description, we're quite similar, my wife & I also have a son named Oliver (3yrs old), I also started on the C25k plan to improve my fitness because playing with Oliver around the park / football was leaving me breathless and I kept up my fitness prior to the running by going for walks around the local park at lunch.

Good luck with the plan, the community here is fantastic and always full of encouragement!


Hi mrqwest - yes it sounds like we have a lot of similarities :) Well done on graduating - I assume you are still running after graduating?


Yes, still running although not on such a regular routine although I want to get back to running three times a week. I've signed up for a 10k race in October so I need to put the training in ;)

Still a great feeling though to be able to go out and run for 30-60 minutes when 4 months ago, I struggled 30-60 seconds!


Well done mrqwest! It does sound like you need a strustured routine to keep you going! Good luck for the 10k!


welcome Oliversdad, good luck tomorrow, you will have lots of running buddies here, just let us all know how you get on.


Hi OliversDad, Very good luck with your run today! Do let us know how you get on. I'm doing my first run this evening and am both nervous and excited at once. Do keep in touch!


I started today. First time I'd run more than across the width of a road for 32 years!

I was pleasantly surprised. Had doubts as to whether I'd be able to run for one minute, let alone then repeat it several times. Found the last few jogging intervals harder, legs got heavy and lungs became asthmatic.

Next session is arranged for 6am Tuesday, before work, accompanied by my 19 year old daughter. Fortunately she's not ashamed of her overweight 47 year old mother.

How are you getting on?


Well done Sian. I have done two runs which went well. Going out later to do Week 1 run 3 :)


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