How to loose weight!!

Hi all I'm a newbie to this, started couch to 5 k last Monday . My husband is supporting me doing this and he's fantastic motivator . I've not done any exercise for around 12 years and I'm a good 3 stone overweight !

I completed week 2 run 1 last night and I think I'm getting into it a bit more ( need motivating to go but once I've done it feel great !) πŸƒπŸΌ

My question is I'm also following slimming world plan - I've done this many times before and lost weight 1 1/2 stone last year - but put stone back on over winter !

I'm doing the running 3 times a week and eating very healthy but I've not lost a single pound - why ???

Feeling very disappointed- any one else in the same boat ??πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”


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  • Doing this amount of exercise is not likely to show a significant weight loss without looking at your diet as well. Although you will feel much better and probably change shape a bit as well.

    Lots of free advice here about losing weight in a sustainable way that will keep it off rather than plans where you lose and put it back on.

    Good luck and enjoy the running.

  • Don't forget you've only been out 4 times, and at this stage it's really about getting your body used to running for longer periods of time. If you feel great, then that's fab.

    You might lose a bit more when you are running for longer periods of time. A 5k run burns off about 350 calories.

    I noticed that I toned up a bit though, and that was a very welcome side effect. The programme gave me the nudge I needed to tighten up my lifestyle and now I run 3 times a week and have made a few tweaks to my diet (no more crap, basically, more veg and treats saved for the weekend). That's all I did, and I've shifted a stone. I'm very conscious though, that these changes are exactly that, and not temporary modifications! So stick with it all, and over the weeks you should see gradual changes. Good luck!

  • Totally agree with Allie, it is a bit early to think that the few minutes of the first weeks can bring the weight down.. Like Allie I started losing weight (no "diet" ) when I finished the program and started running 3 times a week. I was already quite active, swimming, walking and hillwalking before starting c25k, but since then I lost 1 stone and apparently it looks like I've lost much more from the comments I receive.

    I don't do calorie counting, it never really worked for me (and there's more to weight than calorie in - calorie out : 100 cal of plain sugar are not metabolised in the same way as 100 cal of nuts ... )

    I watched an interesting doc by the way - : Fed Up - it's about child obesity in the US , scary stuff!

  • Hey Becky.. Don't be despondant. I started changing my eating habits and running/exercising in January, and have almost done 3 stone.. But there are a good few weeks, where I feel like I have done everything right, and I end up putting on a pound or two. Just keep doing the right things, and the changes will come. I find that my body weight changes seem to run about 2 weeks behind whatever I do in terms of exercise/eating.

    Keep positive, and keep doing it. Even if you don't lose weight straight away, you are making yourself healthier for you and those that you love

  • ok, I shoot from the hip, you're not losing weight because you are still consuming to much food. I'd try myfitness pal, use both the web based program and the app, log absolutely everything you put in your mouth. Set the goals to what you think you can realistically do. You have to honest with yourself, if you have used slimmers world then you will know just how little you can eat in a day, without doing exercise to get some calories back. My guess you need to be somewhere around 1200 calories a day, its not a lot given a banana as over 100, thats where the running comes in, it will give you some calories back and a higher calorie intake to live with. Personally, I was 4 stone overweight, I didnt start running until I was the weight I wanted to be, surprisingly, I learnt to walk before I could run, I would suggest you probably do the same. I bought a satmap and used a website called walking highlands, you can create an account and it will give you access to a 1/25th scale map with all the paths etc all over the UK. You will be surprised what is on your doorstep. I would start that way first, but the harsh simple fact is, you are eating more than you are burning.

  • It will come off but it's not gonna happen overnight! you have to move more but eat less so you are in calorie deficit, so watch your portion sizes. Switch to wholegrain pasta and rice, ditch the junk, clear out the stuff that could trip you up, and keep running, then change will happen for you. You get out of it what you put in so just get organised, focussed and go,for it. If your husband is supportive then that will be a big help

  • Hi there, I'm relatively new to. I needed to lose 107lb the day I started. I'm doing the "other" well known diet plan, as I found the "free" foods to be too tempting to eat in an uncontrolled way. I need to weigh portion sizes and I need to track what I eat. I've lost 1.5stone in the last 2 months and 7lb of that in the last 3 weeks whilst running.......... My eating issues are completely different from yours, of course.... But it may be worth checking out on MY FITNESS PAL how many calories of "free" food you are actually eating....... Plus as others have said, it def does take time.....

    Try to enjoy the running for the health benefits it provides and eat well, and as a by product of this the weight is going to come off and more importantly it will become part of your life and STAY OFF!! that's how I'm trying to look at things anyway...

    Good luck with it all :)

  • Ooh yes MissW portion sizes! I forgot to mention a good trick: I never weigh anything out, but when I've poured out cereal or pasta and 'eyeballed' the portion size I always take a fistful and put it back in the bag. (Just don't 'subconsciously' pour out more than you'd need in the first place). Works with jam, butter, thinner slices of bread... it really worked. If I eat what I used to now, I feel reeeeally uncomfortable.

  • Congratulations on getting started - running is addictive! Why don't you try looking at weight loss differently? Rather than making it the main focus, see it as a by-product of a more important issue, i.e. getting healthy through changing your diet and taking more exercise? I got depressed when I concentrated on "dieting" - the word is depressing in itself. So I'd suggest changing your goal in your head - make a priority of eating healthily and going out to run or walk every day, and enjoy it. Put the scales away and take them out once a month, without forgetting that hormones can make us girls put on pounds of water and scare the life out of us on occasions. The rest will gradually follow. Keep us posted!

  • Basic thing with slimming world and running I've found so far is that there will be times when you stay the same or put on. Weight loss is done best in slow increments and through lifestyle and diet change - this is what SW promotes and actively helps. Just keep with it and ignore the calorie counting revisionists (the whole point of SW is that it is easy to do and not about counting calories! if you wanted to do that you'd be on Weight Watchers and feeling like crap all day)

  • Thank you all , def some food for thought here ( Parden the pun ) I'll let you know how I get on next weigh in πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Yeah ! 2.5 pounds off its starting to work think my body just needed to get used to the new routine of healthy eating and exercise- onwards and upwards !!

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