Wow i am having problems!

Hi all, i have been losing weight recently, about a stone in a month but it seems to have levelled out now at just under 11 stone. The idea was to make life easier for my knees. The upshot is a huge lack of energy. After a good telling off from Sian, i have started to increase my intake and already its having an effect! I went out on Tuesday, managed about 2.9 miles but had to walk about half that. Today i had a substantial lunch and this evening and did the same route but ran almost all of it. Good advice Sian and i promise to follow it from now on!

(She is a professional after all)

We all love you Sian x x x


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14 Replies

  • Well I'm glad my advice didn't fall on deaf ears and you actually do listen to me.

    Well done sweetheart xxx

  • I did say your opinion means everything to me, it does x x

  • Glad to see you back Ed! You might want to check into getting more iron in your diet. Runners tend to deplete more iron from our body's. Steve and I supplement with a iron tab every other day. As well as being low on iron, try to not take too much of it either. Its worth checking into though if your fighting fatigue etc. A stone a month? Is that about 13-14 pounds? WOW! You are doing fantastic but that sounds like quite a bit for a months time. I wish I could lose like that! I have these last few nasty pounds that will not budge! Gayle

  • Hi Gayle

    Thanks for the welcome and the advice. I will do that. I also notice that i get cramp a lot more. I know that can be caused by low salt. i really don't add salt to anything and with the reduced intake generally, it could well be the cause. Therefore i definitely need to eat more. I certainly look better for a few less pounds though. Ed x

  • Hi BigEd, a good tip to help prevent cramp is to drink tonic water, check the label you need it to have quinine in it. Quinine was used during the war for soldiers suffering from dysentery it helped relieve the stomach cramps. In UK Schweps is a brand that contains quinine. The other thing is bananas eat one an hour before a run they are good and will give you prolonged energy.

  • Hi oldgirl

    Thanks for the advice, i don't eat enough bananas i admit but i will in future.

    Ed x

  • Bananas will help with leg cramps Ed. If you love ice cream, there is a machine called yonanas. You can freeze bananas and other fruit if you like, run it through the machine and you swear you're eating soft serve ice cream! We have one and have been known to have "banana ice cream" before a run. :-) We don't use real salt in our cooking either.

  • Ooh that sounds fantastic! Ebay here i come! Ed x

  • Freeze em, then defrost for about 15 minutes before running through the machine. I keep a gallon size bag in the freezer and add my ripe bananas to it...the riper the better. I even like frozen blueberries and a banana combo. The natural sugar of the fruit means no added sugar etc!!!! You will never dream you're just eating plain fruit! I'm a constant dieter, so any healthy way of getting something sweet, I will figure it out! ;-)

  • I haven't seen those machines here before but i will Google it, Ed x

  • Glad you are back and listening to Sian sounds good advice to me. Banana ice cream sound fan, and good for you how brilliant is that? Good luck with your future runs :-)

  • Hi Rolphie thanks very much. Yes banana ice cream sounds yummy.

    Sian is very clever and its deffo best to listen to her advice x

  • Hi Ed.... no longer BIG.

    Delighted you are not attempting the Half Marathon next month!!!

    Dropping nearly 10% of your weight in 30 days just cannot be good for you.

    Your knees may be safer but the rest of your body is clearly in shock!!

    What work do you do?

    Running after a heavy days work is little fun (I am told!)

    Training first thing in the morning must always be best..... try it!

  • No sort of MediumEd. I am nowhere near ready for a half but things

    have improved recently if you read my last blog. I am an aircraft

    maintenance supervisor so i am very active all day. My weight seems

    to have settled at 11 stone now whjch is good for my height at 5'7''

    so not even TallEd :-(

    Ed x

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