I think I am back!

After graduation I had hoped to settle into a bit of a consolidation period. My knees had other ideas....I got new shoes and had a terrible run...by this stage I was worried that having spent the money my shoes were wrong and my knees would never be right either...I was a bit despondent!!

Thanks to all the advice on here, direct or indirect I think I am back in the game! It is such a help to be able to read how others have dealt with problems they have had.

I decided to have a week off. I have done lots of squats and leg raises and stretches are my best friends! I went out today to see how things went the c25k speed podcast came on my phone and I thought I would listen but run at my own speed. It was so good to be out again! Of course I ended up doing the podcast, taking a bit of a break to look for an escapee dog's owner. I didn't pause the podcast while I did this but just carried on from where I picked it up again. My knees seem ok so fingers crossed.

Enough for one day I think! Hopefully all is well now and I am planning two days rest before my first park run with my daughter on Saturday!

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  • Brillsy!

  • NIce and easy will do it tara-j. Knees are the devil, but, like teeth, its worth trying to keep your own. I swear by glucosamine , chondroitin, fish oil and a teensy dose of ibuprofen to keep my dodgy knees behaving. Oh and Active 650 neoprene knee sleeves. They're just brilliant.

  • Thanks turnturtle, I will look into a bit of fish oil I think!

  • Well done on getting back out there - easy to lose confidence so soon after graduation. You have proved that you can adapt to suit yourself, I think that's one big step after shooting out the end of the C25k programme- realising that running, and any associated podcasts/playlists, are your tools and you are in charge of the whole shebang! Good luck with the knees- they really are worth looking after ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thanks Rainshine, yes after graduation it can be a bit overwhelming... Maybe having enorced time off has made me take things a little slower than I might otherwise have done. It has definitely made me realise the value of strength work.

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