Can't believe how unfit I am!!

I knew I was unfit but even w1r1 made me feel like death!

I'm only 5ft tall and about 3 stone overweight and I originally started about 3 weeks ago. Like a lot of beginners, thought it would be a case of throwing on some old trainers and tracky bottoms and away I go - I soon found out the hard way. A week later, 3 "runs" down, 2 very painful knees and complete loss of motivation so I gave up. I was averaging about 15mins a kilometre so I was never going to give Mo a run for his money.

Fast forward to now and I have proper running shoes, no more knee pain and an average of 11mins a kilometre and full motivation back. I've signed up for Race for Life on 6th July and I will complete it without feeling like death at the end. I am going to do it, even if I have to crawl to the end!

I've started again from week 1 and can already feel and see improvements from my first attempt - quicker, less out of breath, no pain, less self conscious of looking like a bright red running idiot!

W1R3 tomorrow and I can't wait to get out there and prove the second voice in my head wrong!

I wanted to put my little beginner's story on here to hopefully encourage others and say it is possible - the runs are the easy(!) part, getting off the sofa and getting on with it are the hardest.

Thanks for reading and good luck everyone xx

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12 Replies

  • Brilliant post, well done for starting again and very best wishes for your C25K journey :)

  • What a great post. Well done on sticking with it and starting again, you are so right when you say that it is getting out of the door in the early stages which is the difficult bit.

    Keep up the brilliant work and nice one on posting your experiences, I'm sure it will motivate other people!


  • P.s. We all have the 'second voice' and you are quite right to banish it with contempt and prove it wrong!

    Em (again)

  • What a brill post! :-) Very well done on sticking with it and giving it another shot - and for signing-up for the race, you'll find it great motivation! And you'll do brilliantly too. It is a shock at first, discovering how unfit one is, but that will start to change with the programme. Good luck for tomorrow!

  • A truly inspiring post. Well done for realising the problem and getting it sorted - I bet you love the 'proper' shoes and find that they make a huge difference. You are to be commended for signing up for a 5K race in July - you have time to train up to it though. Well done for completing your first week, good luck with the start of week 2 and very best wishes.

  • Very well done for getting out there. I wish you the very best of luck with the programme.

    Go for it!!!

  • Sounds like you have caught the bug already! This is a great post for anyone considering starting. Way to go sammic.

  • It sounds like you're in for the long haul now Sammic and well done to you for joining us. You won't regret it. You'll get slimmer and healthier and enjoy running too. Take each run as it comes. Don't think ahead or worry about times and speeds at this stage. Just pare it down to the bare bones. Enjoy your rest day!

  • Good for you. You are obviously very determined, to keep going after the first attempt and I am sure that with the goal of Race for Life in your sights you will be successful. Keep us posted !

  • Thanks to everyone for the support. It's great to feel part of such a supportive virtual team. Will keep everyone updated with my progress. W1R3 after work tonight whether it's raining or not. Different route tonight as well to liven things up a bit so I'll see how I get on.

  • I'm similar at 5'2" and about 3 stone over weight. I struggled a bit on the earlier runs, I'm now at W4R2 tomorrow and am actually looking forward to it, which I can not believe. I didn't thing 5 mins run was possible after remembering struggling through 1 min runs. Good luck with your 5k :)

  • Thanks Victoria. W2r1 last night was a disaster, legs felt like lead and couldn't get the momentum going for the runs. Couldn't even manage a 30 second jog at one point let alone 90! Never mind there's always tomorrow - if at first you don't succeed, try and try again

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