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I got a bit caught up after graduating with improving my 5k time. I had a difficult run the last time I went out as I lost my pace and went to fast and then could not sustain it. I ended up sitting on a bench for a bit and walking for a bit before I ran home. I covered a decent distance for me but I was a bit grumpy after it.

Around by me is pretty much all hills and I find when I run up and down hills I keep my pace better. Therefore at about 5pm I just went out and ran, no route, no plan other than I wanted to run for 30 minutes. I did 33 minutes and covered a really good distance (nearly 4km) and went up and down loads of hills! I feel elated now. I really enjoyed it. I also had some new music on my phone and that helped as well.



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  • I have improved my time over 5K (Parkrun) since graduating - from 42 minutes to 33 minutes :) - but I am not particularly interested in making it any faster. I will occasionally give it a go at one of the "pacer weeks" that my local Parkrun has -- Que Sera,Sera!

    As a Graduate of C25K , I am still struggling to know "what's next?" I did sign up for a famous (and very long , for me) funrun/race - and I will complete that within 2 weeks. After that, I think I would like to be able to say that I can run non-stop for 10K - but that will be quite a challenge , because running non-stop for 5K is about my limit at the moment. However , with some effort and training, I think that I may be able to do it at a very slow and relaxed pace -- although I intentionally did an "easy" 5K run yesterday - which was 1 minute per K slower than my 5K PB, and I found it to be "tough" - don't know why, maybe because I did a 15K run/walk 3 days ago??

    But what I want most - is to keep on running!!!! - 3 days per week has been good - and I think that maybe 4 will become too much -- but where and how I run on those 3 days is still a mystery to me.

  • Fantastic, well done loubee

  • You'll work out a plan to suit you Baz. I am running 3 times a week and enjoying it so not looking at upping it to 4 times a week ever again if I can help it.

    Is it important to you to run a non-stop 10 k Baz?

  • Not really IMPORTANT -- but it would be an achievement , bit like running 5K non-stop. One of my problems is that I have just about exhausted running around my home - I do go to Parkrun each week, but need some more places to run locally .

  • Well done, dont feel bad about the bad run. Believe it or not but runs like that are how we get better at pace. A lot of it is just about building up your running time and gaining experience

  • We all have bad runs and feel disappointed in ourselves......and can't help feeling a bit down as a result....but as many people have pointed out to me in this forum, it's natural to have a few not so good runs, just accept it and move on to the next one with a positive attitude. I find if I'm in need of support that this forum is sooooooo helpful, so let us know how you are feeling as you will always receive help, support and a friendly ear to listen to you.....we have all been there and understand how you feel.

    Good luck for your next run and let us know how it goes.

  • Go for a longer run Baz. Get out exploring far and wide. Makes life more interesting and the time passes by so fast. I picked out some scenic villages to do some out and back runs

  • Gz on 4k may I give you a suggestion? First time I couldn't run 5k which I deliberately made 2 laps of my local area. When I do one lap I'm shattered, so I jogged slightly slower and at end of first lap I turned my music up from 75% to like 90% it's amazing how. Slightly louder fitness music can give you another boost :) that day I ran my first ever 5k when previously I could only do 2.5k max

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