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Today was the first time I've experienced the 'runner's high'

From what I've read, the 'runner's high' is quite uncommon and most likely experienced during, or after, an endurance event, but can also occur when pushing yourself almost to the point of collapse in a short, intense effort, such as running a 5km run.

That's what I did today. I did a quick tempo run and by pushing really hard I managed to get an under-30min-5K for the first time since returning to running following injury (and got a PB to boot!).

On the one km walk home I really felt euphoric. I'm sure it wasn't just the psychological boost of managing to run the distance in the time (and I didn't even know it was a PB until I got home and checked my stats), but was the endorphins. It was sleeting and the wind got up as I walked home, but I felt numerous positive feelings: I was conscious of just how warm and dry I felt inside my running gear (almost cosy); I felt happy I'd be returning to a warm house; I felt joyful that I could run outside no matter the weather; and I felt glad to be alive.

A great feeling. :-)

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Many congratulations I too have had it but for not such a bigy as your it was the first ever 25 min run I felt so good warm and smiley it was odd and yes feeling good both inside and out - yours however is so much more of an achievement I am humbled ! And can only dream that one day I might achieve the same


5k iin under 30mins. no wonder you were feeling great! well done. hold on to that feeling. its wonderful isnt it :)


Well done Swanscot, brilliant time too, thats been outwith my grasp or should I say stride as yet, it really is a magic goal 5K in sub 30. I think my best run was 10K in 1:06:29 never run a 10K since either, must rty harder this spring and summer. Keep up the good work and congratulations on job well done.


Well done Swan -- you are one of my all time C25K heroines! xox delia


So glad you've built back up and achieved such a great goal again. I'm sure you enjoyed hat feeling, it's magical when it happens :D


A really good run, swanscot! How great to get that feeling from it too. :)


Since returning to running following injury I've been running easy runs This was fine as I was simply enjoying being able to run again. I've never really bothered about speed, all I want to do is run and run... ie I'm more concerned about distance. I love the long slow runs. However, when I saw my physio 2-3 weeks ago, she said I'm not to do long runs yet, so have been doing two 30 minutes runs and one slow ~40 mins each week.

This week I felt a little frustrated at the lack of any progress, and decided that since increasing distance is still off the cards, I'd may as well concentrate on speed. I felt the need to do something that *pushed* me. So on Monday I ran my guts out* on the Audiofuel pyramid intervals podcast (I almost chickened out at the last moment and opted for another easy-30). Since I survived that I was determined I do a fast 5K on Wednesday. Again I almost changed my mind--an easy 5k was so tempting--but I went for it and I'm glad I did!

*(I literally felt sick at the end of the longest interval)

The good news is my leg has felt great this week, so when I see the physio next Thursday I hope she says I can go for it now distance-wise!

BTW My time was actually 28.47, but that was with a gravity-assisted first kilometre downhill to the village. Previous PB, before injury, was 29-something.


Well done you; that's a great run. When you're 'on song' it feels like flying.


Hi Swanscot,

I just found this - don't know how I missed it earlier. Well done on your new PB and I'm so pleased that your leg is feeling fine too.

I can't personally see a big attraction in long distances (but then 5K was a ridiculous thought 5 months ago so who knows one day...) but if that's what you want to do and the physio says it's OK then wonderful - and I look forward to reading all about it :-)

Have a great weekend - here Sunday's looking like having the better weather for getting out there, but even Saturday's going to be much better than recent weeks.

Ann x


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