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Runner's High

Week 6: Run 3, today I felt runner's high for the first time! I thought that it was a myth... it's not!

I finished the run and felt a total sense of euphoria :) So happy, feeling so good in myself for getting this far, and know that all this running is doing me the WORLD of good, I sleep better, have more energy, my skin is better, I have lost weight and toned up and I am motivated to eat better as well. I think I can honestly say that running is changing my life!

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Well done Bridger! I'm a couple of runs behing you & look forward to my runners high! Thank you for your blog and others on here, they help with the motivation.


Well done :) Enjoy the feeling, it's fab isn't it!! That runner's high is what keeps me going through the bad days!

Good luck with w7


Well done. The runner's high is amazing, isn't it, I never quite believed it until I experienced one myself - always feel it's odd that I just potter around and get such a big lift from it.


It's the next day now, and I still can't believe how good I feel! I can honestly say that doing Couch to 5k is one of the best things I have ever done! :)


It's nice to feel proud of yourself and your achievements. Too many other downers in life... Good to have some balance! Well done and keep up the good work.


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