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First time I’ve not completed a run


Well tonight was the first time I haven’t completed a run I’ve set out to do! I’ve been struggling for the last few weeks to get back into a routine of running after being out for almost 4 weeks with an injured knee but I know I want to so after a long day of online meetings in my cool kitchen I got ready and headed out without realising how hot it was!! Warm up walk done I started to run but within a couple of minutes I just felt waaaay to hot so I decided to just have a very fast walk instead....but I soon slowed down and had a lovely gentle walk relaxing and enjoying my surroundings and do you know what, I’m totally ok with that 😊 I even sat on a bench and just relaxed some more before strolling home! After a really stressful couple of weeks work wise I think it did me more good than pounding along getting sweaty and completely overheated and the running will still be there for me when it’s cooler and I know I’ll get back to it then

P.s. the pic is from the bench I sat on, it wasn’t in the countryside it was literally yards from the bypass but there’s beauty everywhere if we take the time to notice it 😊

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In the current situation, every time you go out that door is a bonus! Walk or run, I had a month off in January due to injury... slowly slowly catchee trot or run as long as you feel good! Xx

WorkingathomeGraduate in reply to Gingernutter

Thanks that’s so true!

Same!! I'm really struggling with week 6 run 3, only managed 20 mins the other day and did less today....think I managed 15 mins straight. I'm 13 weeks post op for stage 4 cancer and although I'm being hard on myself I absolutely smashed it prior to surgery with cancer!! Really struggling this time. Keep going I say!

WorkingathomeGraduate in reply to Annie1234567

Oh my word your doing incredibly well! Take it slowly don’t be too hard on yourself and I’m sure you’ll smash it again but for not listen to your body and if it needs a rest take one x

Gannet1Graduate in reply to Annie1234567

Wow, you’re amazing! 😊 Please be wonderfully kind to yourself too though. 💗 Of course you’ll do it, of that there’s no doubt and everyone here will be cheering you all the way! 😄🏃‍♀️🐢

Annie1234567 in reply to Gannet1

Thank you 🤗 I ran 5k the morning I went into hospital. Couch to 5k totally set me up to fight so I'm determined to keep it up! X

WorkingathomeGraduate in reply to Annie1234567

You are one strong lady! With an attitude like that you can achieve anything!


Love your post! 💕 So refreshing in this heat. 😊 Sounds the perfect antidote to a hectic time for you. I felt like I was there with you. Lovely! 😄👍🍀


Making the best of the situation. Lovely little oasis you found.


Not to worry, you can just have another go when you’re ready 😊

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