After 12 weeks - my first early morning run

After 12 weeks - my first early morning run

Well - 7.30..... I normally run in the evenings after work, but decided to try this morning lark for a change. Underdressed deliberately as the sun was already getting warm...felt quite the professional in my new 3/4 capris but will need a baseball cap next time as my route is right into the sun. I smiled at a bird in a tree, nodded at lots of people, the run went well and I did a personal best time (41 mins) for 5k. Brilliant stuff - it was hard to get out of the house (had intended to go out at 7....) but I'm so glad I did. I felt like the world was mine.

I now just need a PB in getting ready afterwards - I'm spending ages showering, stretching, drinking chocolate milk....wasn't ready to face the world again till gone 9.

Although it was hard work (I'm pushing myself on a Bridge to 10k programme) I wouldn't have swapped it for anything.

Happy running!



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  • Well done you! Everything seems different in a morning doesn't it? Good luck with the Bridge to 10k xxx

  • Well done! Somehow it seems even more punishing to rush out of the warm bed and face the world right away. You did really well.

  • well done! Nothing beats that feeling after an early morning run - it sets you up for the day, I always find that I have more energy for the rest of the day if I go out in the mornings.

  • Haha you're like me, it takes me longer to get showered, hair done, dressed etc after the run than it takes to do the run itself! Love going for a run in the park in the mornings, really sets me up for the day.

    Well done on the 5K and your PB :)

  • I like running in the mornings too but just could not get out of bed this morning. Had a bad night with my 4 year old who has a cold so no amount of positive thinking or self cajoling was going to get me up. Will try again tomorrow.

  • Nice! I actually did a after dark run when the moon was full, and loved it that I had the world to myself. Say, what bridge to 10k program are you doing? have you found a podcast you like for that? thanks.

  • Hi dickeybirds - I'm doing an 'unbranded' one that another C25K member sent me - I can forward it if you like. She says it's from a South African source. It's actually a 12 week couch to 10k programme, but she suggested I drop into it at week 7 as a C25K graddie and that has been perfect for me. Although total running time in the first workout (week 7) is 34 mins it goes back to run/walk intervals which seemed a bit odd at first, but I can now see the logic as I run like the clappers (er - it's all relative!) when I know I've only got 10 mins till the next walk! so it's helping me speed up overall. But every day is a different routine which makes it more interesting - eg there's one day this week with just 3 x 10 minute runs and 2 mins walking in between: a real speed-building session. There's no podcast - it's just instructions in a Word document - but I've programmed the intervals into an app on my (Android) phone called 'A HIIT Interval Timer' which tells me what to do next eg 'Walk 2 minutes' (it uses text-to-speech conversion so I can make it say what I want - very robotic though and not friendly like Laura :-) ). I figured it would be too complicated to time it all myself so it was worth the effort to programme it all in. I set my own music playing on the phone at the same time (usually '101 Running Songs' at the moment) and I'm really happy with the combination.

    If you message me your email address I'll send you the 10K programme if you'd like to give it a try.

  • Thanks so much, I was hoping for a podcast. DJbeatsmith has a podcast for the c25k, I just really don't like the music, but I haven't found anything better. I sure wish Laura would do a c25k!

  • I'll have to look up 101 running songs.

  • Here is a link to the podcasts for another B210K - quite a different approach again..... not sure you'll like the musica any better though :-)

  • I'll try it! thanks.. i can't seem to find the link, though... thanks again.

  • Oops sorry!

    Let me know if that doesn't work. Brain has knocked off for the evening :-)

  • I love it early in the morning - always feels better somehow. My Dad, as a farm labourer, was always an early starter and used to say that by 10 o'clock the day was half done. By his standards perhaps, but i'm coming to know what he meant!

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