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What have I signed myself up for?

I have come to the sudden, and a little depressing, realisation that I can no longer eat what I want and have it burnt up immediately by an adolescent metabolism. This is it. The time people told me would come. I am now officially "grown up" (in the physical sense. I doubt I ever will be mentally.) and need to either stop my addiction to pasta and other cheap sources of carbohydrates or do something to stop them landing neatly around my middle. As a uni student the first is not a very sensible option. Pasta is my life. So when I saw the c25k programe it seemed a good idea as I have not exercised past the compulsory high school exercise that I took part in with very little enthusiasm. I plan to run w1r1 tomorrow some time so if I don't blog about it tomorrow night mildly bullying/berating messages and comments would be much appreciated.

Bye for now. :)

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Hi there, well your request is noted, and now in the Diary of the nudge!

All the best, have a great one.



Best of luck, I look forward to your next blog!


Good luck! Go for it!


You can do it, Lulu! Good habits started now will stand you in good stead physically and also keep your stress levels down! Best wishes, looking forward to reading about your first run! :)


W1R1 is the hardest of the lot to do! There are a million reasons not to, and you don't yet realise that you CAN do it and you WILL feel great.

Just bite the bullet, get out there and enjoy it :-)


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