Couch to 5K

Have you signed up to do the run for Sports Relief?


Just done wk6 r2 and thinking about setting a goal for myself to keep going through the long runs - and with Sports Relief round the corner I thought perhaps I would sign up.

But, I've not run with other people since school, and whilst I run along the road I live in my little bubble where no one pays attention to be wobbling along.

So, have you signed up? Should I sign up?

Do you get a little medal if you complete it? (shiny things are always good for encouragement!)

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Hi Miranda,

if you're at week6 (like me) then I should think the Sports Relief run would be well within your capabilities. You/We've done great to get this far, if you feel you can cover 3 miles, why not go for it? You've still got another 3 weeks to get ready.

I've signed up for the 3 mile run. Never done anything like this before but I wanted a goal to aim for at the end of the C25k programme. I'll probably finish the run hot, sweaty and bright red.....but who cares? Have a goal, raise some sponsorship and feel proud of what you've achieved!

The C25k programme will not then be just about us getting healthier, but giving us an opportunity to rasie some money for charity. How cool is that?


Hi both,

I also signed up for the Sport Relief London Mile, the 3 mile (5k) run as my goal to reach at the end of C25k. I just did week 6 run 1 but have decided to take a few days' rest as I think I've developed 'runner's knee'...fingers crossed I can get back to training this upcoming Monday and will still be on track to do the race in week 9.


Sounds like a great thing to work towards - imagine how great you'll feel when you have done it! - I just looked into it - inspired by you but would really prefer to do it with somebody rather than on my own, I might ask a friend who I know runs. Do you have someone to run with?

Beth x


Hi I'm new to posting but have been reading for a few weeks :) I've signed the whole family up for Sport Relief. My 9 year old is going to the 3m with me and my husband is going to do the 1m with my 4 year old. I wanted a goal to work towards as well and am currently at W6R2 (tonight). I completed the programme last year and W9R3 was done as the clocks changed in Oct, so running came to a stop. We've since got a treadmill so started again in January. Can't wait to get outdoors again as I much prefer it to the treadmill!


well I dont know anyone thats into running so I cant ask a friend.

Hmm, will see how tomorrows 25min run goes tomorrow. If I can manage that now, then the full 3miles in a few weeks time should be manageable right?


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