Waaaah!! Just signed up for my first race!


Personally I blame Miles_Yonder for this. If he hadn't posts the link to this race I would never have heard about it. But who could resist the medal? So that's it, I've done it and there's no backing out now. Better hurry up and graduate so I can start working on my speed and distances, cos sure as eggs is eggs, I'm not going to be doing 5k in 30 minutes any time soon. Wish me luck!

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  • Good luck! And well done you for having the guts to sign up! I'm yet to sign up for a race so you are one step ahead of me. I am planning on signing up for a race or two in the next couple of weeks though I'm just trying to get myself together! I don't know what week you're at but I'm sure you'll do great!

  • Thanks CrazyKitty. I'm mid way through w8 so, the way I look at it, I've been running long enough to know what to expect but there's still masses of time to improve before the big day looms. Your turn to sign up for something next??

  • Woop! Brilliant news! Well done for signing-up; I was wondering if you had done it yet! I shall see you at Roundhay Park in Movember! :-) I really can't wait for this race; I do love the 'no backing out now' phrase; that's one of the reasons I sign-up to races too: the motivation it offers is ace. Good on you, AM; bring on the race and that awesome medal. For Club C25K!

  • I'll see you there M_Y. I'll be the one running 5k in head to toe Tubigrip watching as you speed past doing your turbocharged 10. I'm really excited about it. No backing out- Roundhay Park here we come (hills and all)!

  • I'm spreading the Tubigrip gospel KittyKat. Better buy shares in the company : )

  • LOL! Not sure how turbo I'll be, given the hills, but I will see you there! Might do a Parkrun there one day prior to it, just to see what I've let myself in for and recce the route!

  • Had a look at the route online and it's a killer -ends by running up a 'challenging' hill. Suspect I'll be walking that bit unless I get some serious hill practice in. May need to do some altitude training -Harrogate possibly!

  • Hmmmmmm, yes, Hill practice will definitely be required I think. A Parkrun there may well be the best form of attack, but any hills will be good for practice. Really looking forward to this race! :-)

  • Nice!! Good luck!

  • Cheers m'dear

  • Good luck. I had to look at the link to see the medal, it would have got me too. No backing out now, x

  • Thanks Gojo. The medal is awesome isn't it!

  • Yay well done for signing up, I would love to sign up for the Nottingham one, but sadly there will be no races in my future until I get job.

  • Thanks Spoonie, you'll be running with the good folks of Nottingham in spirit this year, but who knows next year........ x

  • Well done for signing up. I know what you mean about 'blaming' Miles - he could charm the birds off the trees! I mean that in the nicest possible way because he is always kind in his comments to others - which is so much appreciated. Good luck with your race and the training up to it. I'm sure you will do fine and it's something worthwhile to work towards. Enjoy your next run and very best wishes.

  • Thanks Fitmo. Yes, if it hadn't been for the fab M_Y I'd still be looking for my first race, but really this is about the best one possible for me. I lost my lovely dad to prostate cancer last year, so it will be great to run for such a good cause and maybe raise a bit of money too. Also I'm an exiled Yorkshire lass, so it will be lovely to run in my home county and with my amazing sister who is a c25k graduate herself. x

  • You have three excellent reasons to do the race so you will not fail. It will be a very poignant event for you. Regards.

  • *blushes profusely* Thank you kindly, Fitmo!

  • Thanks so much KittyKat. It's exciting isn't it? I'll reciprocate the cheering as soon as you find a race yourself! x

  • Good for you to sign up- gives you a goal to work for. I graduated in October and ran through the winter - oh had to stop in November for for a few weeks due to a knee pain and couldn't do my first race:( Did my first race at Christmas time- fun! Not totally easy though. Next race beginning of April- went a little faster! I am still really slow- never will be 5 k in 30 min! Got sick and stopped running for 3 weeks- just starting back and have been talked into doing a 5 k on Sunday which has about half of it going uphill! Expecting to probably have to walk a bit, but I will try!!! I will be 61 this summer! Enjoy the running - you will be awesome !

  • Thanks Maitko. Doubt I'll do a sub-30 minute 5k any time soon but, as the old cliche goes, it's not the winning, it's the taking part (especially when you're the wrong side of 50!) Good luck with your run on Sunday. Keep us posted x

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