End of Year barmy idea!

End of Year barmy idea!

Well not so say that i'm NOT a goey-outy-party girl (but i'm not really!) have opted for the stay in option for new year!

Whilst walking dog, decided in order to have a restful day tomorrow i would do a mini run tonight, 4 laps of my round-the-block walkies route which involves a longish nasty hill! theres a challenge while the oven was warming up! not done this route before but not many people around so it would be nice and inconspicuous rather than up to town and back !

after lap 1 DEFINITELY happy to stop but i have developed a bit more backbone this past year than most of my adult life(where did that come from!!) so round again i went, til the last lap was done! hills are hard! but didn't see anyone! Victory photo when i got in to end this momentous exercise year! Discovered on calendar my running anniversary is actually 5th Jan so have nearly been going for a year!

Surprised it was 25 mins and 3.85k, more than i expected! so i now have a new standby route, not a pleasant one for everyday but an occasional challenge! so signing off for 2014, had my pasta and Garlic bread, now for the melt in the middle choc pud and a little tipple to see in the new year!

Happy New Year to you all and happy running :)


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36 Replies

  • Happy happy New Year to you, Ali Wighter! :-) Very nice pic there, as ever; you and George Dog look all happy and content, after a grand ol' run!

    Your new standby route sounds really good; handy to have something like that close by for when you want a Quick Close Blast! (QCB)

    Ah, the sudden, random backbone appearance; that has to be the running - happened to me too. Amazing the surprising effects that running can have, isn't it?

    Have a lovely NYE and a fantastic start to 2015! :-) x

  • you in too?! Or replying from a sheffield pub/party??!! Was a bit of a sweaty knackered picture, but i didn't look on garmin on way round and was predicting it was 2.5 k or so ! BHNTHA is its new name"bloody hell not that hill again" route, a very catchy name! :X

    Definite backbone appearance, only 2nd thing i've really stuck to, 1st was Slimming world in 2012(lost 2 stone!) :)

    you running everyday pact is admirable, just make sure you don't do yourself a mischief! only saw your post tonight so haven't added any NYRs yet!

    Watching Abba on tv and singing along at mo! :) Happy NYE to you too! :) x

  • Yes, quiet night in for me. Not a big fan of NYE; I don't drink these days and can't be bothered with all the NYE brouhaha. I much, much prefer Christmas and think NY is overrated. Had friends over earlier, now currently watching Goldeneye before putting the news on in a bit to watch El Fireworks. Hope you're having a nice fun evening! Might stick some music on shortly and cracked open the very fancy sparkling....!

    Sounds like your route was similar to mine today; I didn't really know how long it'd be, but had a rough idea of it. The hills will be a massive help to you; might have to create a route like that myself for me short, quick, quiet runs; thanks for the idea! :-)

    You've done well! Similar to me too, I lost two stone this year and stuck with the running; it's just so addictive, it's become a passion. You've done great this year and I predict massive things from you next year; I expect you to come tearing past me in London in February! :-)

    I'll be careful with my running everyday; really looking forward

    to it as it will give me great opportunity to be creative with the shorter runs.

    Is this the C25Ker NYE party thread? *plonks down drinks and healthy goodies* 25 minutes to go! :-)

  • less thgan 25 mins now! i'm on a mini bottle of red and a bit squiffy! typing going a bit random! Just you me and poppy i think!

    not sure at times if i'm addicted like you, felt alot of disdain as i was going round tonight, "what are you doing crazy woman??!!" etc but had stated i would do 4 laps so it had to be! not as bad as i thought, didn't realise i'd been out for 25 mins! windy too!

    I've been to NYE parties in the past recently and always look forward to going home! :X best ones were in the 80's when still at school, haven't been able to get back the enthusiasm since then(maybe was alot drunker in those days!)

    I predict you will be way ahead at LWR but there to cheer me through the finish i hope! :)

    :) x

  • 3 minutes! :-)

    *waves* hi Pops!

    You are addicted! And that's good! Self disdain is normal; I felt a bit like that at 4.5K today, wondering what the hell I was doing! It's normal, I think!

    Yeah, me too; I always look forward to coming home from NYE parties; prefer to celebrate at home.

    Course I'll be at the finish line ready to clap you through the finish line! :-)

    It's 2015! Happy New Year! :-) x

  • Happy new year ! bit squiffy now for def on homemade sloe gin! oh well! Happy 2015 my dear pal! signing off now so hope you sleep well! :)


  • That sounds powerful stuff! :D

    Goodnight, my dearest Ali Wighter; it's now a new year, and a very happy one to you! This is the Year of the Runner! :-) x

  • i like a new year! and its a nice round number 2015! sloe gin is knock out juice! :) just going to read your post! :)

  • Great stuff Ali, love the tags on your post Ha ha ! :-) Sounds like a good day all round to me ! Happy New Year to you Boz and George (Woof ! Woof ! ) xxx

  • happy new year poppy, rocky and doug! how do they chose which words to tag, they are funny!? woof woof reminds me of a sitcom, can't remember, maybe the young ones! something with rik mayall?!

    found it!!!!!!!!!!! lord flashheart!


    see you in 2015 poppy!!

  • Ha ha , Love it ! He was a very funny man :-) xxx

  • yep you're right there! RIP rik :(

    getting sombre and its NYE! back to that glass of red and jools holland in a min! :)

  • Happy New Year Ali an all! Did my modest 3k on the treadmill at the wellness center since it was only 10 degrees f here today. Great pic of you and George!

  • Thanks Burgdude! i'm due to collapse back on sofa now due to eating too much, healthy eating starts tomorrow! :X

  • Happy New Year, Happy Ruinning :)

  • And the same to you Zev! :) thankyou !

  • Head fine not much to drink really i can't do much nowadays! windy walk on beach @11am! just been on doggy walk and can feel the effect of those hills now! might watch that queen on playback it sounds good! happy 2015! :)

  • Happy new year everybody. Hope you're all doing well!

    I celebrated by cooking Danish delicacies for 5 hours and then savouring them with family and a couple of friends. Had a bit too much to drink, but nothing major, and am getting ready to get outside for a bit of fresh air on the bike.

  • They sound nice Tomas! i'm mega full after having family around for my 1 bit of entertaining for the year! have been busy cooking all afternoon, good fun! :) Happy 2015

  • Happy New Year Ali. I'm sitting here writing on the forum instead of going out for my inaugural run of 2015. There I've said it now so off I go! Have a great day and a great year xx

  • hope you run went well! this forum does draw you in but also keeps us going out too! :) Happy 2015!

  • What a great way to see out the old year :) Lovely pic btw. Happy running and Happy New Year :)

  • Hi Hilbean! thankyou! Well done on yesterday by the way, see you have your shiny graduate badge, what a great way to finish the year, CONGRATULATIONS! happy 2015!

  • Well done and bonne année de Ru-Non. Have a brilliant one and well done on the run :)

    PS. That's a really big Guinea Pig!

  • Merci Ru-Non! C'est un chien! George dog!

    heres a guinea pig for you ! :)

    happy 2015!


  • Merci - bien sur - je comprends - yes indeed I can see the difference now - it's the feet isn't it. Here is a shark :)


    PS. Bonjour Georges Dog - it is a pleasure to meet you :)

  • Bonjour Ru-non from George dog! here's my sisters rabbit Jasper! this could go on and on!


  • It is a very good rabbit indeed - and not a cat in a silly hat at all - did I mention my hamster...? It is good to find others in the world as daft as me - perhaps the running affects our brains! :))

  • It is a very good rabbit indeed - and not a cat in a silly hat at all - did I mention my hamster...? It is good to find others in the world as daft as me - perhaps the running affects our brains! :))

  • Happy New Year Ali :) - We started at the same time and graduated at the same time. A year of running and a transformation for the both of us. Keep on loving it! Carole x

  • Thanks carole! we did it!started & graduated in 2014 and still going! well done us! happy 2015!

  • Close your ears George!!!!!!

    I went out partying but I don't drink and it was an horrendously long night as we had to be at the venue at 6.45 pm! Taxi at 12.30 pm and then they had another party when we got home. I didn't. I went to bed. Up early and walked the dog and went running this afternoon

  • Hope you enjoyed some of your evening Miss Wobble? i would have been like you and headed to bed, its all too much! :X Well done on getting out there on your 1st run of 2015! I've eaten too much today, back on the cut -out- the- crap scheme starting tomorrow! :)

  • Lovely picture.

    Hope you have a fab 2015

  • thanks spoonie! just been reading about your running adventures, you're doing so well! happy 2015 to you, mr mouse, ferd and the battle bunnies :)

  • I had a great lump of Christmas cake given to me today and I tried a bit when I got home from my run. Cor it's lush! Had a bit and put the rest out of harm's way. OH has found it so it will probably be all gone by tomorrow.

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