Race day kit picked up

Picked up race day kit, included in the bag:

1) t-shirt

2) chipped number

3) white cap

4) brooks deodorant talc

5) safety pins

While there I purchased a running belt with water bottles, water bottles look good as have a good squirt action. Won't use it tomorrow as i have read on here best not to try new kit on a race day.

Race starts at 9am (1pm UK time) and the forecast is 21degrees with clouds tomorrow so a good running day.

Lots of water tonight and pasta, early to bed and then it will be a banana and half a slice of toast, water and coffee tomorrow for breakfast. Then it's a short walk to the park tomorrow. Very excited and nervous, now off to paint my nails blue to match my top.

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  • Where is the picture? :(

  • Safety pins? For your number? I can't see a pic, did it not upload? Good luck for your race, come back and tell us all about it.

  • Enjoy :-)

  • Good Luck Vix, enjoy it and looking forward to reading how it went . Go get 'em girl ! :-) xxx

  • Good luck! Glad to hear you got your toenails and top matching. These things matter. :)

  • All the very best of luck Vixchile! I'll be thinking of you. Go girl.

  • Good luck Vix ... I've had a word with Mojo and told him to behave, so you go and have a great run! Will be thinking of you :)

  • Will be thinking of you about GB lunchtime - enjoy and just go at your pace. Take fluid on board when offered!!

  • Good Luck. Can't go wrong with blue top and nails!

  • Good luck Vix. Turns out to be great running weather here today too.

    Hope the nerves and excitment = great race.

    :-) xx

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