Wk 8 R1 & R2 - this blog's as long as the runs!!!

So after last weeks adventures and getting 'the feeling' I was optimistic re this weeks 28 minutes effort.

On friday evening I cheated a teeny bit and did my 'warm up' by walking a quick as possible round horses field whilst clearing up thier poop, (I'm obsessed!!) and then set off for 28 minutes over the fields. It again was nice to run in the day light - I'm adjusting to this new experience!

It was hard going and difficult to get into a smooth rhythm as its all 'off road' but we trotted along merrily enough, I did find it a bit odd as I ran where I usually ride my horse, around a big park with lots of dog walkers and when you're on a horse, people (usually but not always) smile and say hello, but whilst running all I got was strange suspicious looks. I reciporocated and kept a wary eye out for dogs that wanted to chase me. (not scared of dogs but didn't want to 1. get bitten 2. have to stop for owner to get rogue (SPELT CORRECTLY NOW FOR THE PEDANTIC AMONGST YOU!..;-)) dogs under control)

I was pleased to have got all the way round and back to the start point (4k) within the 28 minutes, I was less pleased that i then had ti run past the gate and keep going to another few minutes as mentally I was 'aiming for the gate!' but a good run and pleased with self!

Next run - yesterday and for a change it was lashing it down and blowing a hooley! I got in from riding horse (who was naughty!) and got changed into my (dry this time!) gym kit and dragged protesting husband out too. I had mapped a run of 5km, and had in my mind to get as far round as possible but accept I wouldn't make it all the way. For the first time I had on gloves and a hat (which as I have been running since December, after work in minus something degrees seems a bit like shutting door after horse has bolted!) Off we trot. I was making a conscientious decision to not go too quick on off set as I knew we had some hills to slog up on way home. (I live in the only hilly bit of Essex I think!!)

It was, as always a bit tough - I genuinely thought I'd be finding it easier by now, and when we got to 14 minutes and good ole laura suggests going a bit faster if you feel like it I can barely choke down my snort of derision. Hat and gloves off by this point and head down as we tackle the hills, at one point the wind was blowing so hard in my face and it felt like I was actually not moving. I only managed to continue by cheering self up by thinking - oh well even if I jog on the spot for the next 10 minutes, time is passing and 28 minutes will pass regardless! - somehow we did make it to the top of the hill and I was hyperventalating and gasping as I jogged down again. Managed to calm self down and actualy get some air in but when laura gave it the 1 minute to go - there was no reponse in my request to legs to move slightly quicker!

Finally time was up and I was a mere 0.5 km of the 5km target! So although it was tough I was very pleased with the distance travelled and feel confident that if I was on a flat treadmill I'd have aced 5km already! :-)

I'm really starting to umm and ahh about what next now though, I love a 'process' and really think I'll need a structure and a goal to aim for once I'ved completed (next monday!)

So wk 8 r3 tomorrow.... hopefully another daytime run and maybe off orad again, but we'll see what the yucky snow does!

Thanks for reading - tea and cookies for anyone who makes it to the end of this blog! :-)


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  • Well done on getting so far round, I managed 4.05km on week 8 run 2, so you're further along than I was. If you take the oncoming wind into account, you were almost there! I'm planning on going straight on to a Bridge to 10k' course as soon as this one is over (2 runs to go!) as I am determined not to let all my hard work go to waste.

    I'm ready for my cookies now, although I'm more of a coffee than tea kind of guy :0)

  • I've just drafted a long plan for my next program to get to 10km by 11th May... (basically adding 3 minutes on each week at weekend but still running 30 minutes every other day for rest of week - and 1 session a week of laura 'speed' class) I worry that if I try to build longer runs in during the week I won't have time to fit into my already hectic life... Any comments on how hard this will be more than welcome!

  • Well done on your efforts so far.

    Re your training plan:

    > basically adding 3 minutes on each week at weekend but still running 30 minutes

    > every other day for rest of week - and 1 session a week of laura 'speed' class)

    This sounds good. If you doing one intervals run a week, you may wish to make the other 30min run a tempo run, ie run at a fairly fast pace, (pace you'd run a 5K race) and make sure go really slowly for your long slow, (conversational pace). Take you hubby and talk to him so you know you're going slow enough!

  • and still a rest day every other day do you think?

    So one week will be:

    30 min run at 5km pace

    speed class

    slow longer (by 3mins) run

    and the next week will be:

    30 min run at 5km pace

    speed class

    30 minute run at 5km pace

    slow longer (by 3 mins) run

    Do you think thats enough? I don't really want to run everyday, I have a horse to keep eventing fit too and a full time job! I'm enjoying running ATM, dont want it to feel like a chore!

  • Definitely enough since you're doing other exercise. You may find the speed run, although short, is pretty hard. When I trained for a 10K last September/October I did 3 runs a week: one speed run; one 30-40 mins tempo run and one long, slow run. I also did cycling and yoga on non-running days. I'm just getting back into this routine now following injury and had a good (hard!) intervals speed session this morning.

  • Forgot to add - like you, I feel the need for a goal and a programme to get there! I printed off my plan and get a wee buzz each time I 'tick' another completed run. (Sad, I know ;-))

  • Thank you! Its good to bounce off people, there are so many 10k programmes out there and its hard to know what to do, but I've written out the plan for the next 10 weeks... one last question - would you have 1 or 2 days off before a 10k race/run?

  • I've just looked at my old plan for October, and I see, I did an easy run on Monday and Wednesday (both about 6km) that week before the race on Sunday. I also cycled on Tuesday and walked the other days. I had planned to do no exercise on the Saturday (day before the race), but hubby and I took our son to Aviemore for a hill race, we had a gentle 8K walk while he was running.

  • Enjoyed your blog. It seems that everyone starts to worry about having no structure when this thing is done, I know I did. However I've all but decided to go for speed rather than increase the distance. As long as you have something to aim for, I think that's really important.

  • Yes, I know that I need structure to make it happen- otherwise I'll start to think - what's the point? Maybe one day the point will be to run for runnings sake - but I'm not there yet!

  • Same here.

  • "Rouge dogs" eh? (end of third para) I bet they looked "fetching". Sorry couldn't resist a cheap pun!

  • Oh dear, luckily I'm not a typist and you're not a comedian...

    You know what I meant!!! :-)

  • Indeed I did, and it made me laugh. It must be how my brain works but typos just leap out of the page at me & always have done. Good run though; well done. I guess the cookies have all gone now?

  • Yes, sorry you'll have to be quicker next time... another run coming up at 5pm tonight so maybe more blogs, typos and cookies tomorrow...

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