Early morning running

I am not an early bird, i have always struggled with mornings! My partner got me out of bed and i went for a run with him. I really missed running outside and as my partner is actually in Chile this month - i thought i need to go with him early to avoid the heat. I felt better knowing that someone was running at the same time as me in the dark, we agreed a meeting place if we got split up. So i set off first and he waited and then he ran behind me.

After a gym session last night my legs said "come on gives us a break and you must be joking being up this early as well." I told the legs look we are only doing a gentle 5km and we have race coming up so we need to get moving.

I put on my yellow t-shirt, capris and did a quick edit of my playlist in the lift and off we went, all i can say is I love Colombian coffee, thank you Juan Valdez.

Everything was going great and i was on track to do 5km in sub 30minutes, when i got to the park (don't run in the park at that time) i saw a black lab. Ok where was its owner, no owner great. I have learnt not to move quickly past "wild" dogs as they can be unpredictable -but this one seemed to be heading in the opposite direction then it saw me. Came bounding over - oh no it has a very bad eye :( for dog and :( for me. I don't want to get bitten especially by this dog as its not well and its getting too close for comfort- started saying NO! it didn't listen as i am backing away, trying not to fall down the steps - what do i do. What's help in spanish again - mind gone blank. Where are the security people when you need them? I don't fancy a trip to the hospital this morning. Finally, it gave up. I love dogs, but dogs here are a real problem (I won't get into details).

Great what is this going to do to my time? Got to 4km and realised if i pushed myself i could still make sub 30. I thought i have to give it ago....the final reading from Garmin is...28:49.

What i have learnt is early mornings are not as bad as i thought, i think doing some other exercises in the week pays off, cooler conditions are better to run in and having a running partner makes you feel safer when your running in the dark.


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  • That's a great time, congrats.

  • Thank you. So much better running when its cooler!!

  • Wow, amazing time despite the psycho dog moment! Enjoyed your post, and glad you escaped unharmed and victorious!

  • Cheers. Yeah i don't know maybe i attract them, out cycling last week and one chased after me and bumped into a concrete post, which luckily meant i could get away.

  • I know its terrible!! I still can't understand the relationship with dogs over here. We are off to Ecuador in December-

    Thanks- now i am thinking is that really right? :-S I am sure garmin wouldn't lie? Or would it? :)

  • Vix that is a FANTASTIC time! Very very well done. Obviously the adrenalin kicked in after the scary doggy incident (SDI) and put wings on your feet. So there you have it, before your next race get absolutely terrified by a crazy dog and you'll come in first!! Take care out there m'dear xx

  • While I was running I did think I want to put some distance between me and the dog. Lol.

  • Great time, and what a scary dog!! Go careful out there :)

  • Thanks. It is sad because this dog looked like someone's pet once and now it has this bad eye. I can't wait to come back and not have to worry about dogs on my run though

  • I have to admit, I love running in the mornings. I went for a run at lunch time with a work colleague and was melting in the sun. It wasn't even that warm. Good on you for getting out there.

  • Good on you for running at lunchtime. I think I might have to wear layers when I am back!!

  • Probably a good plan :-)

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