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Week 7 R1 + R2: 🎵The cold never bothered me anyway🎵


Hi all, I haven’t been able to post in a bit so quick update post.

I am one run away from finishing week 7 💪💪 It is requiring a little more effort to leave the warmth to go for runs as we head into winter. I treated myself to a new running jacket which I am loving! I also dug out my hat and gloves.

W7R1: It was fine. Go me!! Just found a steady slow pace that worked for me and kept going. I am finding music isn’t enough to distract me for the longer runs so I finally tried listening to podcasts. They have been a great distraction. There was an annoying boy who thought it was funny to mockingly imitate my jogging as I went by once which did make me a little self conscious for a few seconds. Then I realised I am running for 25 minutes and getting fitter, what’s he doing?

W7R2: This was also a pretty decent run. I might even say it was fun until the last 5 minutes. Also, no annoying boy. 😃 I am trying to figure out a balance between wearing enough as to not freeze before the run but also make sure I don’t get too warm during the run. I had to take off my hat and gloves mid run. Somehow my uncoordinated self managed to keep running whilst I took them off and stuffed them in my pockets.

It is amazing that I’m running 25 minutes in one go and it feels kinda ‘normal’!

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Great stuff. Thin layers are the way to go... test that coordination more taking one off on the run! 7 runs to go!


Go you... out there,, stripping off and running too... well done!


You can't add layers if you don't have them on in the first place!

If your outermost top has a full length zip, it should be easier to remove white running.

Or maybe remove the top towards the end of your warm up walk?

Happy running! 😸👟👟👟👟👟😸

bluepandaGraduate in reply to Katnap

It does have a full length zip! I hadn’t thought of opening it 🙈 Thanks for the tip!


Nice one bluepanda, ticking off those runs, finishing line in sight!!

I must try a podcast, finding the wk 7 runs a bit never ending, I definitely think the distraction would help. thanks for the tip!

bluepandaGraduate in reply to BeckySharp1

You’re welcome! It’s my first time ever listening to a podcast. I have short attention span but whilst running, I seem to be able to concentrate on one! Great thing about podcasts is that there are so many that you bound to find one you are interested in.

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