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Week five run three sorted!

Went out today full of trepidation to do The Big One.

Realised too late that I had the wrong week on my iPod. Decided to persevere just using my watch and ended up running (jogging) for twenty five minutes...so very very pleased.

My knees a bit sore, but really pleased to have made it this far.

Good luck everyone.

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Well done Nomi! There are a few of us on here who have done this run this weekend. Well done all!


Fandabbydozey Norni! Really chuffed for you. :) 25 minutes - you are very nearly there!

Well done to all those 20+ runners this weekend. There's quite a little horde of you that stuck with those New Year resolutions. :D


Thanks folks, it's lovely to have the encouragement. Our little band of online runners, we're doing okay!


Well done fantastic, you are nearly there, good luck with week 7 :-)


Well done! 25 minutes without even Laura to encourage you, pretty impressive!


well done Norni that is great! I went out tonight to do week 6 r 2 - I managed somehow to get week 5 r3 on the ipod so like you I made it up and ended up runnig for 25 mins too :-)


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