Week Five, Run Three; Twenty Minutes, I'm coming for thee!

Good mornings!

My apologies if this is much shorter and more rushed than normal; I was writing a post as soon as I got back in from my run but due to my own shoddiness and a furry kitty rubbing the laptop with her cheek in an over-zealous manner, causing me to pull the laptop out of the way as her pointy face was perilously close to the off button, I clipped the back button with my hand and in a flash, gone was everything I'd written. I had to laugh!

Anyway, I have to leave for work most shortly so this will indeed be shorter, but I wanted to write a bit of a report about the run.

You see, my dearest C25Kers, it started at 0359 when my alarm went off; the tired shambling about commenced and I soon found myself in the kitchen scoffing my pre-run noms, which today consisted of three figs, three Brazil nuts, two dried prunes, sparkling water and, naturally, a rice cake with a peanut butter roof. Very nice. I then proceeded to get ready. Up until now I'd [copies what I've written thus far, pre-empting feline/laptop disaster] been running in jogging bottoms but it's been rather mild/warm of late so I though sod it: it's Friday, it's a longer run, let us go with shorts today. Yeah! After that I checked Laura was still on my phone, which she was; no hiding from the motivational minx today, oh no! Endomondo running and off I went on my warm-up walk.

Goodness, it's cold. I shouldn't have worn shorts! Well, it's too late to do anything about that now. Not really, I could go home and change but no chance, I'm out now and I'm not going back until I've done! It is chilly though. All too soon the walk was over and Laura was instructing me to run and telling me I CAN do this. Can I? It depends. Of course it depends.It depends, of course it depends. (One for the fellow Grand Budapest Hotel fans out there!) But yes, I think I can....

Off I plodded at a steady pace; I soon reached a point where just over a week ago I was quite tired, but I still felt I had quite a bit of energy, which was a good sign! Up a hill, still going strong and before I knew too much about it, the fine Laura was informing me that I'd been running for ten minutes! Really, wow! I still have energy! Fifteen minutes in now and I was getting hot; thank the God of Shorts that I chose that form of attire today! I went on, daring to increase my pace a little. Two minutes to go and I've covered quite a distance; getting tired now, especially so in the last minute but wooooow: Laura was now telling me to walk, and was congratulating me! Walk?! To hell with that: I'm running to that bus stop which I've set as my target and nothing will stop me! [Copies more text] I defied Laura (!) and continued to the bus stop. Then past it. I decided a short while later that walking was now in order, a good two minutes (oh dear, I'll be in her bad books!) after Laura told me to stop....

What a wonderful sense of achievement. Anyone sat here reading this now (thank you for getting this far, well done!) believe me, you CAN get to this stage! It was incredible. I only realised how tired I was when I started my warm-down walk. It was amazing though; I can't believe I just did that and have come so far in the plan. I feel like an Ethiopian legend of running. Could I get that good if I keep this up? Well, it's Haile likely! (Geddit?! :-P )

I got home and immediately had some milk, and some yoghurt and honey, before I had my 'proper' breakfast, then I realised that this morning I'd be having three breakfasts!

So yes, it all went very, very well and I feel so pleased with myself. I hope everyone else has brilliant runs too; good luck to you all, and of course, my fellow Fivers this week. Well, Sixers now!

Onward, to week six!



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20 Replies

  • Well done Miles. Its great this running shenanigans aint it? :D

    Good luck on week 6 and good luck to my fellow 5:3rs that are out today.

  • Why, thank you most kindly! :-) Week six beckons now!

  • Yippee !! Feeling your joy.

  • Thank you! Joy is right; it was -and still is- total euphoria!

  • Well done Miles for completing this run and then some.

    I was amazed at how quickly the time went - 10min gone still fine waiting for Laura to tell me 15min had gone but no 18min had gone - wow I thought only 2min left - I can do this....and I did woohooo!!!!

    I did stop after the 20min running to walk the warm down, but I did so with a big beaming smile on my face :) (Goodness knows what others thought when they saw me but I did not care - I had just run for 20min non stop)

    Even now after a brisk walk to work I find I am full off energy - I cannot believe that this plan is so simple and so effective.

    Roll on Week 6 and all the best to those running Week 5 Run 3 over the next couple of days - Believe

  • A very well done to yourself too, Redskins. A big round of applause to you and all the W5R3ers today! You had a really good run too, I'm very pleased to hear! :-) The time flew for me too; I was worried it would drag and I'd struggle but it seriously flew. I am impressed at the distance that can be covered in just twenty minutes' worth of running; I feel like I've gained another form of transport. Pretty soon I'll be running up to supermarkets some distance away!

    Ah, you were grinning away too then; me also. I did wonder what the hell people thought! It's a shame your workplace don't have showers, Redskins. :-( It would be a good opportunity to run-commute. I too have the energetic feeling and put in little sprints when I can at work; I just want to run everywhere! I plan on run-commuting the five miles each way for work at least three times a week; they don't have showers yet but there's talk of it (I'll believe it when I see it!) as we're having a bit of a rejig and the builders in. A couple of cyclists where I work have asked about showers so I put my name down too for it too.

    The programme is amazing really; like you say, so simple and so effective. It actually does work and gets great results.

    Couple of days rest then on to week six! I'm actually looking forward to next Friday's even bigger run; I'm guessing you are too! :-)

  • YAYYYYYYY! I finished it as well, although not with quite as much in reserve as you had Miles_Yonder! I found the 5-10 minute section the hardest, then I seemed to settle down into a steady pace. At 10-19 minutes I found myself getting a bit of a stride going with my feet leaving the ground a bit more than in my usual shuffle, but the last 60 seconds made me feel a bit nauseous...probably that coffee I gulped down before I left the front door. But the best thing of all is that we are officially runners, having run for 20 minutes!!! Can you beieve it? Pink water bottle, here I come! Congratulations to all us ex week fivers! :)

  • Congratulations, Treemouse! A wonderful achievement it really is; bet you had the post-run grins earlier too! You did great; the final minute nausea is normal, I think; I got it too but somehow managed to continue on a bit, but I had serious jelly-legs after! Yes, a treat is in order, I feel! Here's where I got my bottle from, on eBay: ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-NIKE-BIG...

    I got the baby pink one. :D Might also treat myself to the yellow one too, have a bit of a rotation with them. I actually think I will. Sod boring colours!

    Good luck for Week six! Yes, we're runners; I was thinking about this earlier: I can actually call myself a runner - that in itself is a great feeling!

  • Oh my there is a time even earlier than 0401? Shocked and dismayed. Ok well actually I do know these times exist but normally when I see them I am playing the lets see how many hours of sleep I can get before 8am if I fall asleep now game.

    Congratulation on completing week 5, week 6 is ready and waiting.

  • Cheers, Spoonie! :-) Yes, these fabled times do exist; I quite like them! I'm off on Monday, BUT Monday is Runday, so, despite being off work, I'll be up at my usual time for my run, but I'll be able to go back to sleep a bit later on. Yay!

  • Well done on completing the final run of W5. Of course, I'd said all along you could do it - and you did. Good luck with the start of week 6 but please remember to treat this one with respect - it's tougher than it seems and going back to intervals is not a soft option after the long run that you've just done. Many people get caught out by it. Just one bone of contention - will you please stop extolling the delights of rice cakes with peanut butter - you've got me started on them now and they are very addictive! Best wishes.

  • Thank you, Kitty! The Kallo ones are what I get too; I have the lightly salted ones which go perfect with the peanut butter! I'll have everyone addicted to them at this rate! I got the idea from the 'Easy Nutrition for Runners' bookazine published by the Men's/Womens Running Magazine team: mags.subscribeonline.co.uk/... It's a one-off magazine/book thingy but really good and gave me lots of information and tips I didn't already know. :-)

  • Thanks, Fitmo. Yes, you're right. On the face of it, it would be easy to approach week six thinking "intervals, easy after what I've just done.." but I am sure it's harder than it appears written down. I won't go blasting into it and will pace myself; thank you for the tip. Any other advice for it? :-) Tee hee, I apologise to you, Fitmo! They really are so tasty and go well together. My pre-run breakfast of choice! I'll try not to mention them too much now! :-P

  • Hey up ! That's amazing, great post . Week 6 - be warned, Miles is coming to get ya ! All the very best to you , I do enjoy reading your posts and also what you have to eat :-) xx

  • 'ow do! :-) Thanks, PP! I'll have to be careful now listing what I have to eat as seemingly I'm getting people addicted to the rice cake/peanut butter combo! x

  • Thank you Kitty! Yes, I do indeed feel very proud; I couldn't believe I managed it! I have to chuckle when I think back to W1R1 and my wondering whether I'd last the full sixty seconds without collapsing in a crumpled heapy mess! Week six, here I come! :-)

  • Well done Miles I read your post before my wk5r3 this morning and it cheered me on out into the sunny but chilly morning. I had a similar experience where I felt great after 10 mins but then I did feel a pang in the last 5 but at no point did I think I wouldn't finish. A few niggles now so a hot bath and lots of self congratulations in order I think. Couldn't have done it without the forum and encouragement from you all THANKS.

  • Thank you, Nelly! :-) Glad to hear your own W5R3 went well too; hopefully after a bit of rest now the niggles have eased. I'm sure the hot bath has helped! Lots of congratulations are definitely in order, no doubt at all. It's an astonishing achievement! Very well done and the very best of luck for week six! :-)

  • Fabulous blog, and I think the shorts fairy sprinkled some magic dust on your figs....good luck for 6.....

  • Cheers, JuJu! :-) I think the Fairy Dust Figs and the shorts combined to give a lot of luck and a great run! W6R1 in the morning; I'll do a run report when I return. Less rushed, hopefully, with the banks being on holiday and no work as a result. It'll be shorts and figs in the morning too. :-)

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