Hello and week five, run three done!

Hi to everyone on here, first blog and feeling great as did week five run three today, a great big thank you to everyone on here as I have read these blogs everyday since week one and the support and advice is a huge motivator, there have been so many times I have thought, thats me! I could have written that! So the big one today, was absolutely not going to give up just concentrated on keeping going,to think in week one I couldnt even do a minute! great plan, great people, very happy to be part of it all, bring on week six, good luck to everyone xxx

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  • YAY well done you ;) great stuff x

  • Well done Olliebollie ... and good to see you blogging about your runs now, as you say it helps others as well as yourself, even after graduation I have needed the support of the people on here :)

    Keep running and enjoy week 6 .

  • Wow, well done. I am only 2 runs behind you eeeeekkkkk!!!!

  • Well done. One of the best feeling I've had was beating the week 5 run3 :-)

    Good luck with week 6 :-)

  • Great to hear from you, and it seems as if you are flying through the programme - well done! Lots of luck with the weeks ahead, we'll look forward to reading about your progress. Cheers, Linda x :)

  • Well done. I'm only one run ahead of you. It's a great feeling, isn't it? Big grins :D

  • Well done you, keep enjoying those runs, and the best of luck with week 6 :)

  • Well done, I think we all worried about that run before doing it :-) enjoy your next run.

  • Well done

  • Well Done! Feels good, doesn't it?! I'm at the same stage - I finished Week 5 last week, but this week I repeated it by doing 3 more 20 minute runs. Just to convince myself, really, that I can do it. Looking forward to Week 6 and feeling positive. Sunshine helps, don't you think?

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