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Week 5, the dreaded run 3............I did it!

Wow, on the 5th January I wrote on here that I had just completed week 1, and had concerns about going onto week 2. Through the support on here I did week 2.

I did week 3 over two weeks as I didn't feel ready to step up to week 4. Week 4 completed and now week 5!! I cannot actually believe I did the final run! I had butterfly's doing my warm up and felt sick with nerves before doing it, strange I know! I have a complete feeling of euphoria.

I am amazed at my mental strength, and what I can do if I put my mind to it. To anyone who is just starting out, believe in yourself.

Bring on week 6!!

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Congrats - you've cracked it now!


Well done. It feels fantastic achieving this key milestone and it makes you realise that will complete the programme.


Congratulations, I bet you also have the widest smile :D it's amazing isn't it, enjoy!


Well done, there will be no stopping you now, you are a runner. This programme really does work if you stick to it, if you do the prep you can do the run and you and hundreds of others are the proof. Good luck for the forth coming weeks. :)


Well done!

I did that run last week, legs were tired the next day but otherwise fine.

Did it again today when I found at the last moment that I hadn't put the W6 podcast on my MP3 player...

W6 starts Tuesday!


Well done you! I've just finished it too....Didn't we do well?

Good luck for week six.


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