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W1 completed :-)

I am finding the last two runs a bit hard but I think that has more to do with leg strength, so any ideas about exercise to get leg strength would be great. W2 R1 starts Monday. I really do wish I had started when I was much younger as I am absolutely loving it and can't wait for the better weather to get here. I am determined to complete this challenge or die trying. LOL

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I'm going to be very boring, and say what I've said lots of times before - try going slower! That's what worked for me in week 1, and I've stayed slow - but can now keep going for 30 minutes -woo hoo! Speed may come later (somewhat doubt it, but wonders may happen!)


Thanks greenlegs. I think I am going reasonably slow but maybe I'm not. lol


I don't believe it! I have to agree with Greeners again! Speed nice and steady do the run and the fitness will come! I'm saying this in a Kevin Costner accent don't you know!

All the best



Don't die, Caz!!! Take it slower and you'll be fine! Regarding leg strength - I started doing a couple of things a while ago and they really seem to help. I was struggling with painful shins and someone suggested that while you are lying in bed waking up in the morning, write the alphabet as large as you can with your feet :D It sounds odd, but no more shin pain for me.

The second thing I do is 60 squats in the morning while I'm brushing my teeth, and another 40 in the evening ditto. Obviously I brush for 2 full minutes in the morning but not as much at night :D Again, I believe that this has really helped my leg strength, and they are both such simple things to do. I'm sure others on here will come up with proper exercises, but these work for me.

All the best with your c25k journey - keep posting and let us know how you get on.



Thanks Guys. :-) I will try and go a little slower. I do 25 squats a day, but I will try and up that each day until I am doing more. And the alphabet exercise sounds pretty good so I will give that a go too, OH might think I've lost the plot but hey ho. LOL Looking forward to Mondays run, hope it doesn't snow.


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