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W1 Completed

Well this last week could turn into a lifechanger for me. Never did i know that a week up in the valley of wales would make me do something like this. Now back in london and pleased to say i have completed my 1st run in london which makes me complete w1.(The other 2 runs i did in wales). Again improving on my time from my 2nd run(ave 9:50 min per km) to my 3rd run (ave 8:32 min per km). But more importantly i kept my pace level my 2nd km and 3rd km were exactly the same times of 7:41 min per km, which i was pretty pleased with.

Already looking forward to tuesday for the start of W2.

Finally just wanna say a big thank you to my big sis who motivates me and encourages me so much a lot more then she knows. i know for a fact i wouldn't be writing this post now if it wasn't for her. See you in a few months xx

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Aww what a lovely thing to say, I'm touched! Thanks bruv.

I may have got you started but only you can complete the runs, no-one else but I'll always be here to encourage you and keep you motivated. In turn it'll keep me motivated.

Also, pace is great but getting through each run in one piece is better. Try not to push yourself too hard too soon or you'll end up on the injury couch and may feel defeated. Remember the hare may be faster but the tortoise still won in the end :) xxx

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Glad to hear that.... also legs aint hurting as much today to.... love the last line xx


Well done ! First week completed, youre on your way !

Good Luck for the rest of the programme , keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx


I was wondering where the brother was! Good to see some brother/sister interaction here - good luck with the running both of you!

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Well done sciFi. Running is an enjoyable release and the goals set by c25k are achievable... keep going you are doing great. Pound those London pavements...

:) :)


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