Men waving at me? Who'd have thought?!?

Just thought I'd let you all know what happened last week while I was doing a 30 min run after work. I had turned and was heading back towards home and saw a guy running along the pavement on the other side of the road. He looked fit and a lot faster than me and HE WAVED AT ME!!! Just after he'd passed I saw another guy running, also fit and faster than me and HE WAVED AT ME!!! Ooooooooooooh it made me smile and feel so good and I was beaming all the way home!

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  • Oh, that's so lovely! :D

  • I think being waved at/acknowldged should be right up there as one of those things that makes you a "proper" runner :) hehe

  • I love the acknowledgement I get from fellow runners - makes me feel like one of the gang!

  • Exactly the same happened to me tonight! It was raining pretty hard and I was soaked and 2 lovely guys came running towards me, grinned and waved to this other crazy runner in the rain ;) It really makes you feel part of their club and it's obvious that only a "real" runner would be out in such weather with big grins on their faces :D Just love the feeling!


  • Agreed, it was definitely the moment which made me feel like a proper runner. Enjoy that high Isabella! :-)

  • Thanks for the comments guys. It was a lovely feeling and one I'll always look back on with a smile on my face.

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