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Respect? Well who'd have thought it... Week 5 eh?

Well last time I tried C25K after repeating week 3 several times and eventually giving up as I was still struggling with the 3 minutes, I started again in January.

Last week was W4 and as I blogged at the end of W3 it was going so much better. I didn't have a problem with any of the runs in W4 and am starting to feel like a proper runner, it's easier all round this time.

Today I did W5R1 with only a little trepidation. The first two runs went well, going into the final 5 mins I was flagging a little. I ran into the small park near my home to do a lap for the final 5 mins and met a runner coming the opposite way - a young lad wearing trendy gear, not sports clothing running fast laps. As we approached I met his eyes and he offered me his fist (like a high five, I've seen the young 'uns at work do it). With a smile I responded and we ran on. He lapped me twice each time grinning at me.

I came home and told the 16year old son about this fist-nudging business. With a grin he said 'respect'. Eh? It means 'respect' he tells me...

I can't stop smiling now and I was pretty high before

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Sounds great! I think I would've dived out of the park in embarrassment!

Not heard of this alternative high-fiving. That's the trouble with not having any children and friend's son's away at college.

Any idea why it's easier this time round?


Ahh! - that brought moistness to my eyes! Lovely! :)


Hi Pam no it's a mystery to me. I did no exercise December and beginning of Jan but its been easier from the start. I went back to the beginning. I don't feel so tired this time. I really want to do it but I did last time. Can't really believe I'll be running 20 minutest on Sunday but I'll be doing my best.

The alternative hi-five is a new one on me too :-)


How absolutely brilliant :-)


Well done you! I still find I'm anxious when I pass other people, not sure exactly how they will react to me! I asked my kids (aged 9 and 12), and they have absolutely no idea what the fist nudging means. Maybe it's something they'll grow into!!


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