I've joined a running group! who'd have thought it! :)

Just a quick post as its getting late and my bubble bath beckons! But i braved it tonight and did my first run of the "love Running" shop Tuesday night group, (organised by the friendly shop owners). Did persuade my friend to come too, they have a beginners(2 mile- ish), intermediate (3 mile -ish)and advanced group(4-5 mile), we went in the middle one. Everyone was welcoming and quite a few faces from parkrun, so not at all scary! must have been around 40 ish people there tonight. After a warm up round the car park we did the medium route which was 5.6 k, and took just under 40 mins. There is someone to keep an eye on the last people in each group, which was me and Tracy to start with, and he had just run the London marathon,i was impressed he was back to it already!!very well done, and he only started running last May! ( a bunch of people in the main group had done it-YAY!) he was very encouraging and i even made it up the little steep hill without stopping ! not a fast time but enjoyable and i will definitely go back now, hope to make it a regular thing! Came in about the middle of the group. So something new was positive and now i have a new activity to keep me motivated!! :)

Happy running everyone!


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  • Well done aliboo70 that is great news. Look at you in a running club! The London marathon man is a good person to have in the group. I'm in awe of any marathon runners. Send us some tips when you can and enjoy the bubbles.

  • i know, good job its not taken TOO seriously and is fun too! Ran the first k or so with the guy, he says has a sore heel but thats all, but he did train very intensely and for 6 days a week, said it was the first fitness thing hes ever done and can't envisage stopping now! said i might enter a 10k in early October, and he said why not do the 10 mile Great South run?! Maybe..............?! thats in late October! something to think about! it was good tho and got chatting to a few others during the run, so all in all a good eve :) Bubbles were good! i have a sore leg so trying to keep it happy!

  • Right, so not only are you managing to run with a marathon runner, you are also managing to have a chat whilst running AND are thinking of doing a 10 mile race! I am very impressed. :-D I need to up my game massively.

  • BUT he was the one rounding up the back as part of the organisation!!! ! so not going fast at all! i'm ok chatting while running we were going slowly, my breathings not to bad but i have one pesky calf giving me gyp til its warmed up! :( My friend wasn't feeling confident tonight and needed persuading to not do the shorter run so we all ran together for the first part.....

  • Swap you my calf for your breathing!

  • i shouldn't moan really! hope you are doing ok :)

  • Yes all fine thanks. It's funny I have never really had any problem with achey legs but always sound like an old women heavy breathing and feel like I am struggling . It's been like that since wk 1 when I thought I was going 'die' running for 1min I can now run for over an hour so have obviously improved . Keep thinking it would help if managed to lose that last stone Your running group sounds really friendly and great place to get tips Have fun

  • my breathing sounds huffy for first part of run but by 3rd or 4th k has evened out alot! compared to week one is has improved a large amount i think! i haven't run for more than 35 mins really but nearly got to 40 last night :) have fun too :)

  • I'd still tell people that I ran with a marathon runner :-D I have no injuries and yet I'm still slow and sometimes need to push myself out the door. Can you use some heat treatment on your calves before you run? Or massaging them before the run, to help ease them in?

  • he did reccommend a cool rub, going to go look for it after work, its minty apparently ! :)

  • Fantastic! That's something I'm aiming for in near future but for me not being able to drive makes it tricky. I've kept up my running. Increased to doing four runs per week. A speed run and stepping stones and long run. So I am mixing it up. It's great when you really see results and a great feeling when you feel a whole lot fitter. At the moment I'm enjoying the challenge. I'm contemplating trying out track off road running. I've walked a local route of 7 miles. Happy running. :-)

  • 4 times a week is great, i'm not getting past 2 runs some weeks :( Haven't tried the speed run yet, maybe next week !! :)

  • That sounds good Ali, Its great to mix things up a bit and the social side of the run is good sometimes too. I haven't posted for a while as I've been busy with family stuff, but I have now done 2 Parkruns, each a new PB, and I think that's because I am encouraged by the other runners. Also did my riverside run the other day and ended up doing 8k so I'm well chuffed at that, slow, but hoping that the distance may help improve my next Parkrun time- fingers crossed, But, at least we are still enjoying ourselves! Enjoy your running group x

  • wow thats impressive! well done on your PBs, i should be doing parkrun this week................... :) i think you are right that it speeds you up a bit running with others especially when its timed!

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