Week 1 complete who'd have thought it

Wow just completed my 3rd run of week 1. Totally over the moon. Unlike the other days I had to go at lunch time after I finished work, rather than first thing in the morning, As a result the legs definitely felt it more, and I realised what I thought was a flat field actually has a slight incline on one side lol.

Thankfully no low branches or wardrobe issues today, and even had one lovely lady say, as I passed her, 'you're doing really well' :D . I was almost at the end of the session at that point and her kind words definitely spurred me on.

One thing I noticed is that I finished slightly further round the park than I did on day 1.. so I'm wondered if it would be worth tracking how far I'm getting? out of curiosity really. Anyways one tired, but happy girly.


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14 Replies

  • Well done! I'm starting my first week next week and reading these really help :)

  • Good luck for next week x I'm loving this site. The support and advice is amazing x

  • Thanks! Would start sooner but waiting on a friend getting back so we can start together. Do you feel it getting a bit easier even after week 1? Yes it seems really great!

  • Although the legs felt more tired today, I didn't seem to be out of puff as much so yes I think so. W2D1 will be interesting on Monday, it can be hard not to go too fast.

  • It's interesting to hear how everyone takes it! Good luck for next week :)

  • Thank you. x Don't forget to let us all know how you get on too x

  • Well done first_mate😀 Sounds like you really enjoyed it👍 I did w1d3 on Wednesday as was so proud of myself for sticking with it ( wasn't sure I would😊)

    As for w2, I did d1 today🎉 Yes it was tough but I've got a cold,( I nearly didn't go out) and I still managed it 😀

    I found it easier than w1d1, yes my legs hurt and I was huffing and puffing but I've felt on a real high ever since, so well worth it👍

    Btw, I took it really slow, thanks to the fab advice on here and I think that really helped, good luck with w2😀

  • Sorry to hear you have a cold but double well done for going out today and nailing it 🎉 😀 I'm looking forward to starting the next level. According to the forecast I think it's going to be windy so I might get blown along next time ;) Hope the cold evaporates fast for you. Good luck with your next run x

  • Thanks😀 I'm sure the cold will be gone soon enough, not like it's man flu or anything 😉

    I meant to say, you're so right about inclines. I took a different route today, much flatter, I'm sure that helped too🙂

    Hope the wind works in your favour for week 2😀

  • Well done you. First week done and dusted :)

  • Very well done for completing the first week, sounds like you are enjoying it. Wil you run with your dogs? I have a springer and often run with him in the forest (off lead). Occasionally he comes with me down the road but not sure he likes my slow speed! Best of luck with week two :)

    Ps your doggies look lovely!

  • Thanks skyesue16 at the moment I'm walking them separately so I can concentrate on what I'm doing. If I have them with me I'll worry about what they are up too and if they've done something I need to pick up lol. Hopefully though once I'm a bit further along the plan then I hope to be able to take them too. Spaniels are just great aren't they? regardless of which breed x

  • Well done. That's one behind you.

    Yes I always found I was a bit faster by the 3rd run each week.

    There are loads of free apps you can download which will track your distance. Something like "Runmeter" shows you on the map each kilometre. (Which since I switched to Strava, I miss😞)

  • OK thanks for that Davoda I'll have a look at the app. :D

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