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Running in the rain..... Who'd have thought it!?

Well not such an early run today, as it's a Sunday, out at 7.30 in the rain to do w6r1. Have to say think this was my best run yet, still slow and steady, but according to my Fitbit my pace was quicker, my HR shows I did 15 mins in peak and in cardio zone, so looking better.....😀

In the past I wouldn't go out in the car when it rained.... But today, there was no way I was going to miss my run. Think I've been well and truly bitten

Have to say thoroughly enjoyed it still, but came back soaked.... I don't want to spend a lot of money..... Till I am a 'runner' but what do you wear to run in rain, obviously it was still warm but any tips would be wecolmed.....☺️

Oh one more question.... I have terrible legs, always been chunky but due to my weight they sort of resemble elephant skin on the thighs, will running eventually tone them a bit? I'm trying to eat sensibly too, and I know it won't happen overnight.... But did anyone else have extra weight on legs before they started, and has running helped. Not sure I can fit much more in to my life at moment with work, running, Zumba and cake making! 😂

Thanks all x

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Yeay! Go you, very well done! i got soaked too, this morning!

Embrace the rain! We have soooo much of it :)

You are, completely hooked... not a fair weather runner at all :)

I just wear my normal gear... anything vaguely waterproof and you are soaked inside anyway... and as my lovely husband used to say to me before I graduated... " When you are wet, you are wet... " it is true... ! I used to get drenched during the Autumn and Winter and once a white van man dried to drown me... but I came to no harm:)

A long, warm shower when you get home is the main thing...your legs..hmmm.. well they will tighten and become firmer and shapelier.. mine have.. I had sparrow legs and now I have quite shapely pins with a defined shape.. and firm thighs! I sound like a racehorse!!!

A good diet, maybe strength and flex on your rest days.. in between cake making... (cake????? healthy I hope :)) combined with running regularly as you are at the moment.. should make a difference! :)

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Thanks old floss, guess your right I've just been for 5k walk with my waterproof on, and was quite sweaty... So if I was running it I think I'd be uncomfortable.

I will wait and hope my legs improve a bit.... Not expecting miracles but they can only get better ...... I hope !

As for the cake. I make and decorate as a hobby - I don't eat them..... Only my banana cupcakes I make when they have turned I may eat....😄 Have to say cake is my downfall. 😳

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Love banana cake! Probably one of the only ones I do! I bet your cakes are wonderful!

I think you will find your legs do improve too!

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Well done for being out there. In light rain when it's warm, I just get wet - not so different from the usual sweatiness! I do have a lightweight running jacket but it makes me feel hot so I only use it when I need the warmth too.

You will gradually see your legs tone up - discovered muscles where I never knew I had them!

Keep going!

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Thank ullyrunner, I will keep going....


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