Week 7 run 3, reluctantly done!

Yey well Got up this morning for final run of week 7 and to be honest I couldn't be arsed ha, I'm getting a cold, my 4 year old kept waking me up.last night and it was windy and snowing....and I have a 5000 word essay to be writing..... But anything to.avoid the essay so off I went with loads of layers on, a fleece, woolly hat and gloves, didn't realise I was all in black until I got home and realised I looked like a burgaler! Anyway it was a tough run, no idea why, just wasn't feeling it, I almost yearned for it to be an earlier run, run for 8 min, walk for 3, think I'm just tired and feeling a bit lazy! I've got 3 nighy shifts this week starting Thursday so I'm hoping to get run 1 of week 8 in that morning before they start, as I doubt I'll get out again until after the weekend...but it is weird thinking I'll graduate soon! Wish I could graduate from my midwifery course as quick!

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  • Well done, I think sometimes the 'harder' runs are good too.. they teach us to not give up!

  • Agree with Lynds - I think completing a 'hard' run is money in the bank, it strengthens your resolve and reinforces your determination. You deserve a huge pat on the back - it sounds as though you're juggling a lot at the moment. No shame if you're kind to yourself and do an earlier run - it doesn't matter how long it takes to complete the programme and you're still being active! :)

  • Well done! And I love the burglar image.

  • Good for you - I found week 7 pretty hard work too! :)

  • Good for you katywoo :-) Like greenlegs, I found week 7 was hard work, sounds like you have a lot on your plate too so well done for getting to week 8

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