Hi there, I approached this run like a man on a mission.

Yet lo and behold the mission was a success !!!

Well apart from when Laura stated two minutes to go! My God! I thought you are trying to trick me yes!! It should be one minute, it is always one minute I screamed at the imaginary woman running in front of me. Albeit very quietly I grant you.

Then the cool down, the stretches and the banana, oh yes always the banana.

Now I'm sitting with my leg up with an ice pack around my right achilles because it is making a strange clicking sound? (Sensation). As I cannot feel pain to well I'm not taking any chances, a quick read of the c25k questions and hey ho answer found.

So no major problems felt great during the run, didn't go to fast so kept my breathing nice and steady and job done...

Hmmm a bit of a waffle but I hope you get my gist.

All the best



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20 Replies

  • Fantastic, Dale!

    You're nearly there now! (Hope the achilles clicking thing is ok.) :)

  • Thank you, Greeners, foot just tender today, no clicks(fingers crossed).


  • Well done on completing this run - it all seems more do-able once you have achieved it. Sounds like you got this one sorted with a fair bit of ease (with the exception of your heel which hopefully will be recovered in a day or two).

  • Thanks Peabea, I reckon keeping the speed nice and steady is the key.

    All the best


  • Well done you.

    I did it too tonight. Happy sore bunny! :-)

  • Thanks and congrats to you as well.

    I totally agree on not to keep checking the time!

    Well apart from the last two mins....lol.


  • Congratulations to the pair of you. I remember feeling on cloud nine when I finished that run as I'd been petrified in the lead up to it.

    As far as I was concerned it was the gateway to completing the programme and while I've found the longer runs since very tough, I still believe that if you can do the 20, you can reach the 30 required.

    Once again, very well done.

  • Thankyou Fingalo, it's nice to actually realise that I'm really running.

    Like a ginger fringed tortoise lol...

    All the best


  • Well done! :)

    I'm attempting the 20min sometime today, thanks for letting me know about the 2 minutes!

  • Good luck, or is it now well done?


  • Well done. I've just finished week five run one and feeling good. Hope the Achilles thing is ok.

  • Thanks Norni, hope the next goes even better for you, Achilles is just tender at the mo.

    All the best


  • Well done you :-) I was so chuffed to finish that one, you should be too. Have to admit I don't remember the 2 minutes thing, think I was just so relieved to hear anything at all from Laura.

    Hope the Achilles is ok for your next outing

  • Cheers Bibs, I thought at first I had misheard, but no Laura really said it!

    The cheek of it!



  • Well done Dale - and thanks for the 2 minute warning :-)

    hope the achilles stops clicking

    enjoy a well deserved break this weekend!

  • Thank you, good luck with yours

    All the best


  • Well done. Going to do the 20 mins on Monday. Hope I get as far as the 2 minute warning !

  • Thank you roisin, I'm sure you will hear it, and the congratulations afterwards.

    All the best


  • Congratulations Dale, I finished my w5r3 some hours ago and I know what you mean by the 2 minute mark!

    And roisin, power to you!

  • The fabulous elated feeling I had yesterday when I'd finished it - I was grinning from ear to ear. Now I know that I can really complete this programme - and there's four local 5k runs this summer I can enter! :-)

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