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A rewarding smoothie

Yes yes yes!! Goodbye week 4 onward to week 5! When I get in from my run I treat myself to a home made smoothie. Half a glass of milk (I read recently that milk is very good for arthritis in women so I always drink it) plus I banana, 1 heaped tablespoon of oats and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Buzz it up with a blender and it really sets you up for the day and its yummy!

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Hey Lottiedog , well done ! The smoothie sounds really nice and healthy, yummy. Many congrats to you on completing Week 4. I will look out for your posts for Week 5. Were over halfway now, sounds like youre still enjoying it. All the best :-) xx


Well done on coming to the end of week 4. The time seems to be going so quickly as it seems hardly 5 minutes sine you put up your very first post. Your smoothie sounds good except that I can't eat bananas - they make me literally sick. Still, if I can find a substitute for that might give a smoothie a try. Good luck for your first run of week 5 and best wishes.


Avocado. Apparently. Not that I've tried it, I can eat bananas (when I feel like them) but the idea of a smoothie, urgh! However each to their own, if it works for you, go do it! Now if t were jus tats, milk and cinnamon and cooked rather than blitzed I'd be right there lining up for another bowl! Please sir, more sir!


Yay, well done for completing week 4!

We've got a Smoothie 2 Go machine (I think that's what it's called, anyway) and it is ace. I am rubbish at picking up some fruit and eating it for some reason but since having the smoothie machine I'm making sure that I'm getting a portion of my five a day. I'm loving all of the variations of random fruit ... some of which work better than others! I'd never thought of putting cinnamon in though so will have to try that tomorrow.

Good luck with week 5.


Well done lottidog! I'm going to try the smoothie!


Mmmm that smoothie sounds yummy!

Well done on completing week 4. You are doing well. Time flies by on the plan and befpre you know it you will have graduated!


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