First minute or so is always horrendous!

Does anyone else find that the first minute or so of each run is REALLY difficult? Despite always doing my warm up walk, I always have trouble sorting out my breathing and my body and legs complain like mad. I hate it and have to really fight to keep going. Will it always be like this or will my body one day rejoice and say YES, great, this is fantastic!


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  • I'm pretty much the same, i always wonder how I made it. Full of negative thoughts creeping in when I set off.

  • Happens to me all the time...... Unless I've warmed up fully. I never get this problem at a race for example because I will have been through a light jog or something similar first. However, for that regular, get out the door, three times a week casual run, I can't wait to get that first bit over!

  • I used to have this but it has gradually gone away; just keep going :)

  • Happens every time. Even though you know you can do it. Just have to tell those pesky gremlins on your shoulder and in your head to "take a running jump! " and keep on keeping on.

  • I graduated in Nov 2012, run 3 times a week,have done several 10k runs, 1 half marathon and am training for another at the moment. I can honestly say that the first 10 minutes of every run is still horrible!!! Well done for sticking at it!


  • That's really helpful to hear Chris.

  • Hmmm, I thought about it afterwards - it wasn't a very positive post was it? You may find that the more you run, the easier it will get. Sorry it wasn't very positive!


  • No seriously. It was reassuring to hear that even seasoned runners have this problem. Not just unfit newbies like me

  • Yep! First 10 minutes I'm arguing with myself then it gets better, so just keep running :)

  • It's always for 5 to 10mins with me before my breathing regulates and I find my pace,I'm on week 8 run 2 now so these are better than the shorter runs as they get easier the longer I run.stick with it as I've nearly quit one or two times and that's not like me!its worth the struggle I promise!

  • with me it is the first ten minutes or so and a year later it's still there.

  • I always fight with myself during the first few minutes. A few years ago I heard about Dr Steve peters book, the chimps paradox. I haven't quite finished it yet but I find that I am arguing with my inner chimp. Once I win the argument I am happy to run my distances.

    Good luck and keep your chimps under control

  • The OH swears by The Chimp Paradox ... he keeps telling me I should read it. Maybe I will now. I always feel like a total hippo in the first five to ten minutes - flat-footed, really heavy breathing, but once I get going (in the loosest possible sense) I wonder what the problem was.

  • So great to read all these comments and your post, Im on week 9 and the find the first 5 to 10 minutes incredibly hard, all those thoughts of "I can't run for 30 minutes, no way" but I do and then feel fantastic, everyone is right, you just have to overcome the horrible thoughts and keep going, its so worth it! :)

  • Agreed. First 5-10 minutes I feel like giving up and going home. I never do though!

  • I find that it's the last 5 minutes that are the worst ;-)

  • Me too!!! I was dreadful this morning. I almost stopped! The gremlins were back. I slowed down loads and have myself a good talking too!!! Then was fine. When I looked at my stats I was going far too fast! Always do. Even though I know I always do I still do!!!! Weird!!!!

  • We all seem to make the same mistakes!

  • Thank you all so much for replying. I am so pleased I posted the question because it has been very comforting to hear your responses and know I am not alone.

  • Some rotten so-and-so always ties my legs into a complicated knot before I go running, either that or they swap mine for someone elses....breathing ok, legs not ok...

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