New to this lark!

Just completed first run of week 2. Loved it, but hardest part was getting out of the door! My dog seems to sense that her walks have suddenly got more interesting (we go in the car now to quiet, out of the way places where I think no-one will see me), so eagerly gets in the car knowing there's adventure ahead....


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  • Welcome to this great site and programme Petal; you wont regret joining believe me! :)

    You can gets lots of lovely encouragement and advice here so keep visiting us and blogging about your progress to help and inspire others too.

    Getting out the door is often the hardest part, aside from starting this in the first place, but you did it and completed it so well done you! An adventure for you and your doggy :D

    Best of luck for your next run!


  • Thanks Sue! Noticed on your profile that you were 50 last July - I was 51 last July, so I guess if you can do it then so can I.....!!!

  • Absolutely!! There are loads here that are in their 50's, 60's and some even in their 70's so no age barrier for this running lark! :)

  • Welcome, it want be long before you don't mind where you run :-) enjoy the journey, it's fantastic!

  • I love the image of a happy dog looking forward to exciting adventures! I was surprised how soon I didn't care nearly as much whether people saw me running or not. Maybe you'll find that too!

  • Hi Petal, I envy you your dog for a running pal, but don't do what the lady runner did that I was behind last Sunday. She forgot to jog on the spot when she came to a junction, her lovely four legged Labrador friend stopped at the curb. I suppose the way he/she has been trained to do, road safety and all that. Poor jogger was just hauled back onto the pavement almost onto het butt. It really was hilarious to watch.

    Good luck with the programme, both of you.:)

  • It is great fun running with your dog, and good motivation, however watch out for squirrels, many a jog became a sprint when Twix (my very nutty cocker spaniel) spotted one in a tree or on the path:-) good luck

  • It's amazing how quickly dogs can learn new habits. Ours got to recognise what it meant if I went upstairs and changed into my running clothes! :) (It's funny to see his disappointment when I'm off to the gym or Zumba...) For me, I don't tend to have much of a problem with him pulling me over, just the disheartening sight of him trotting gently, barely above a walk, while I'm puffing and blowing through my run! Suddenly I start to see the appeal of a smaller dog ;)

  • Have fun and enjoy!

    Viki :-)

  • Never been able to run before!!! Started programme before christmas. Love it!! Very challenging.. Over the last three years I've lost over 8 stone .... Just done a week 3 run 3 today (keep repeating weeks). Resting tomorrow ... and then going to do week 4 run 1 - SO NERVOUS about this one!! Cannot imagine running for a whole 5 mins in one go!! Following programme to keep me fit. No spring chicken ..... watch out morecambe prom on saturday morning here I come!!!

  • Thanks for all the support and encouragement from all of you. It's really helpful to know and think of all the other mugs going through similar torment. Mental in my case. Just trying to psyche myself up for w2r2, even though I love it when I'm out there.

    I'll just let the dog know we're about to be off and she'll be leaping in the back of the car and off we go!

    I think my daughter has twigged that I'm 'running', as she spotted my dirty trainers.... wanted to keep it secret a bit longer.... why??

    Well, I'm off now, into the wilderness...

  • Just done the w2run2. Apart from slipping over and falling in the mud it went well. I love it too. Amazing that you have lost 8 stone....well done. Keep at it and I will too.

  • ..... did it!!! Week 4 run 1 ..... so pleased, well chuffed. Ran with two colleagues, which was great as I'm often on my own.

  • Great! I've just done w2r3,so good on us!

  • as they say ... keep on trucking. It's very addictive isn't it? Ran saturday as I said, then persuaded my sister to start so went with her on her very first run yesterday. She sailed it!! She's running again tomorrow on her own. I'm going out either tomorrow or Wednesday - can't wait. Been to my Rosemary Conley class tonight and walked home from work. Enjoy week 3 run 1!!

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