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Why can't I seem to enjoy this running lark?

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As I have posted before, I have been a bit lost in this programme, what with one thing and another. I did my second 5km yesterday. Struggle or what? Had to stop 5 times. A real mental challenge to keep going. The heat and hills didn't help, but I did it, and even knocked 2 minutes off my last time even with more stops. I am running really slowly. Took me 49 minutes to do 5km yesterday. Iwish I went out with the woo hoo, I'm going to run again attitude. It always seems to be, oh well better go for a run. I feel great after the run, but wish I felt great before I start. Any tips on getting my mojo back. I only have one more run before I graduate.

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I think that you are perhaps asking too much of yourself. The object of the programme was to run non-stop (at any pace) for 30 minutes. The name Couch to 5K is misleading. For most of us, there is still a long way to go after we graduate from the C25K programme before firstly, we can run 5k's and secondly, we can run 5Ks is some reasonable time. I have now run quite a few 5Ks -- BUT most of them have been run/walk of some sorts ( in fact my personal best time comes from a run/walk) whereas when I run non-stop my times are slower. However, I am improving and trying to enjoy it at the same time.

My advice is to stop judging yourself, get on with some more 30 minute runs and build up your stamina, - and soon the 5K distance will loom into sight for you. Try to run early morning before the heat builds - and look for a flat course somewhere until you are more able to cope with the hills.

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It sounds like you might be pushing yourself a lot, with you running for 49 minutes. You might enjoy it a bit more if you cut down on the time and run for, say, 30 minutes, regardless of the distance you can cover. If you can find that enjoyment, then you'll start to look forward to the runs. And once you do that, the additional distance will come back all by itself.

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Have to agree you are being way too hard on yourself, If you are not enjoying yourself what is the point? no one likes to continue to do something that feels horrible why would we? If you really feel you have to get to 5K when your out why not just run your 30 mins then do a slow run/walk till you get to your distance.

You only have one more run to graduate? You should only therefore be running 30 minutes non-stop... nowhere does it say you should be running 49 minutes AND 5K in the programme... If you're not using the podcasts then you should... you are setting yourself up to be exhausted and you're assuming you've failed when actually you have done nothing of the sort - the programme hasn't asked you to run for 5K or for 49 minutes at all...

Beyond it being outside the programme goals in Week 9, 49 minutes is a long duration to run and by focussing on distance you're doing yourself a disservice and setting yourself up to be exhausted. Stick to the programme - Week 9 is 30 minutes of non-stop running NOT 5K and not more than 30 minutes running...

Too hard too soon is no fun and no run... :)

Good luck!

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I always find your posts full of wise words aus! I went out in the morning yesterday and struggled as it was very hot. Managed 6.2KM in 56m which was the longest time I've been out, albeit mixture of run/speed walking. I realise from reading about others that I'm not very fast but, hey, only graduated in April AND I'm enjoying it!

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As per my other posts - you don't have to go fast, you just have to go...

And - that's longer than I've ever run and I graduated not long after you... :)

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I have to agree with everyone. Graduation is at the end of W9, which is 3 runs of 30 minutes each. If you can run for 30 minutes, you're doing really well. Pace and distance really don't matter.

I would suggest you do the 3 x W9 runs - perhaps you've already effectively done 2? - and then just enjoy being able to run for half an hour. If you still find 30 minutes a struggle, then slow down (yes, even slower, it doesn't matter).

Once you've graduated then I'd suggest you stick with 30 minutes for a couple of weeks, then try some of the C25K podcasts if you want OR gradually build up the time you're running for - aim for an increase of a maximum of 10% per week (and you only need to increase the time on 1 run a week, keep the others at about 30 minutes or one of the C25K podcasts).

Be proud of what you've achieved. Not many people can run for 30 minutes, and try to relax about the statistics and just enjoy being out enjoying your environment while you're running.

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I agree with the others. You won't want to stick at it if you don't enjoy it. Just do the 30 minutes running to graduate - then you have to sort out what suits you for the long haul. Maybe distance, maybe speed. Vary your routes, run without music , try a running group or some races. There's a whole world out there.

I personally find it enjoyable to do run/ walk intervals. I'm still out there 3 times a week and average. 5-6 k each time - whatever works for you is certainly better than sitting on the couch!

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In the words of the immortal song, you gotta accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative and don't mess with Mister Inbetween

Crack on Keepyuppy!

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I have to agree with everyone here. Running for 49 minutes is a long time, but well done you for doing it, and covering 5K.

As Bazza said the course name is mis-leading, and possibly pressurises some people into running 5K, and pushing to do it in 30 mins. Some people will do that, others won't. To be honest, if you run for 30 mins, and that is it, then that is 30 mins of quality exercise I imagine you weren't doing before. You will still get the 'I have doen some exercise' buzz, but you won't find it so draining.

One more thing, you mentioned the heat. I run in the morning, normally heading out about 06:45 when it is cooler. If I cannot run in the morning, then it is a lot later in the evening. Running in the day is just too hot, and too draining.

Take it steady, and enjoy a shorter run. :-) (The distance will come in time, as you get fitter, and more confident in yourself).

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I know I am being hard on myself, and I know I have really been pushing myself, but also I am very proud of myself for managing to get to 5k. Determined old biddy here wanting to prove to herself she can do it. At the moment I am also running with my son every other day. He is doing week 1, and is repeating it until he feels ready to move on. I am happy to do this with him, but like to do my long run once a week. I think you are all right. Go back to 30 minutes and graduate

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By the way, I didn't start my run until 7.30 last night. Still blooming warm!

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Plus I have got to shoe horn myself into a mother of the bride outfit by the autumn. The nice ones in my local shop only go up to a size 16

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to Keepitup

AAH!! - perhaps we are getting to the crux of the problem here - and the reason why you are pushing yourself too far??

Be careful - if the rubber band breaks, you may not be walking at any Wedding!!!!

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I am running after 9.30 pm cos I hate running when it!s too warm.

I have a wedding on Sat'dy and have my posh frock. Size 10! I even have moved down to size 8 trousers from size 16 a few years ago. Miss wobble is much less wobbly these days. I can only run now some of the lard has melted. You just have to be determined and stick at it like glue.

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