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I like this running lark!

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Last Sunday I had a lovely run along the canal. Sunshine, butterflies, anglers, ducks, geese and daisies.

Tuesday I did W1R1, just for a change.

Alarm went off this morning and I was almost tempted to roll over and have a lie-in. Glad I didn't. Accompanied by bunny rabbits at the beginning of the run and ended cool down shepherding a lady duck off the road to avoid a car. A whole family had mistaken our estate for the canal!

Three runs, all different and I feel great.

6 Replies
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Sounds like you've had a fantastic time. I love the picture, it looks so peaceful. Isn't it lovely the things you see out & about. x

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Sounds like a great set of runs. This spring sunshine makes it so enjoyable to be out there doesn't it?

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Good stuff Moonmar. This is the life int it. Enjoying running. I'm like you, I love the scenery, the outdoors, the time to myself just to run and take it all in. There are lots more runs like that to be had and it's nice to be able to explore. Those ducks though, watch em! They try and eat your shoes, they think they're bread! I see a pair of ducks on my run, I call Darby and Joan. They are a pair but one is a white goose and the other a Canada goose, so they look all wrong together, but they are besotted

Keep on running and enjoying it!

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Beautiful picture. Shepherding a duck! Ah.

It's always nice to do an easy run in pleasant surroundings. The canal scene looks lovely. Best wishes.

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I always run along the canal the miles just disappear because there is so much to absorb. The Grand Western Canal is around 20 miles return so lots to aim for!! Hope you continue to enjoy it!! Happy running :)

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