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Be careful what you wish for!

After 2 weeks of wanting the rain to come and dissolve all the snow, I've just completed my second run alongside a river that has burst it's banks. Part of the route was flooded on Sunday but I managed to get around it without too much bother. Today, I wasn't so lucky as I couldn't even cross the bridge and had to turn around and go back the way I had come instead of doing a big circle! The wet mud also caused me to slip a couple of times, that never happened when it was snowing!

I have now come to realise that snow is actually my favourite weather condition for running in for the following reasons..

1. It stops you from getting to hot

2. It stops you from slipping in mud

3. It keeps your shoes clean (mine are now muddy again)

4. No need to carry a water bottle, just put some snow in your mouth (not to everyone's taste)

5. You can enjoy the wildlife more because everything stands out against the white

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Some good points there! At the moment I'm avoiding running on the extremely muddy farm track that's my basic circuit, so have ended up running more on the road/pavement, and I do feel it more in my legs.

And another point in favour of snow - It's pretty!


That's interesting, I had to run on the road for a little while because I ran out of track before the podcast was over, and I found that it was easier on my legs!


Funny! Maybe it depends rather on how muddy the track is, and what it's made of or how uneven it is. My one is just a bit softer to land on than tarmac (but not so good when really muddy).


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