What happens in the dark? What will I think about? And weather warnings UK!!!!

October is a busy month for me so no posts for a while- but I've been here almost every day cheering, and being cheered by, everyone's fantastic efforts.

I am now running about 5K nearly every other day and I have it under 37 minutes including stopping for gates, people and the odd car. (Although MapMyWalk decided to trick me the other night and shorten the route by 250m!) Anyway last night was strangely emotion. For the last two weeks I've managed to leave work, arrive home, change (still in shorts and T shirt), run and get back before it's really dark. As the sun went down on yesterday's run I hoped I haven't said farewell to evening running. I really don't want to go out in the dark though (I will give it a go). I can't quite see the point. The thing that made me continue to run outside (besides wanting to get fit, lose weight and not give up) was looking around me at the world. What do you do to occupy yourself in the dark? I won't be able to think about the colours, the sheep, the river, the birds, the trees, watching where my feet go. How do you seasoned dark runners do it?..... I must decide whether to try a head or body lamp and get running tights. At least I have Saturdays to look forward to.

PS Has anyone seen the weather scaremongering that's started in our shabby newspapers? This would stop me!

In the news (2016)

SNOW for 120 days: Shock UK winter weather forecast predicts COLDEST snap in five years Daily Express‎ - 1 day ago

BRITAIN is just weeks away from a major Arctic freeze as alarms are sounded to brace for ...

Up to 120 days of snow to blast Britain in coldest weather in YEARS

Mirror.co.uk‎ - 2 days ago

Britain braced for winter of ice and blizzards with snow set to arrive next month

The Sun‎ - 2 days ago

But don't be too scared, remember last winter? This is the Express last September (2015)

"Coldest winter for 50 YEARS set to bring MONTHS of heavy snow to UK"


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  • I take long range forecasts with a huge pinch of salt, (anyone remember we're supposed to have a long hot summer, good for BBQ's etc?). Its only one of the Met's predictions that has come from running a computer simulation. I'm guessing the other ones predicting seasonal average temps and precipitation isn't headline news

  • You're doing SO well but I'm like you not wanting to run in the dark when you can't see the world surrounding you. i think I've got a head torch around somewhere - I'll have a look for it and let you know.

    At least you're still running with my knee and now a chesty cold bug thingy I haven't for a couple of weeks😥.

  • Have you tried some knee exercises? nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

    They really do help and once you build up some muscle (not like Arnie Scwarzeneggar or indeed the over fit guy on the NHS site) it will get easier.

  • Love the post!

    Well on the newspaper weather score...I really take very little notice... I just get up and see what the weather is doing...:) Simple soul that I am. It is, as my husband is always !!! telling me, an inexact science...:)

    Like you.. I love the sights and sounds, if you have read any of my looooooooooooong rambles you will know that, to your cost :)

    However... I started C2 5K in October last year and many of my runs, all done early morning (I am a morning person), were in the dark, or started in the dark...(it was usually light when I finished as I ran so slowly...:) and the rain, and the wind, and the sleet and hail..ice did stop me! I found plenty to occupy my mind...recalling poems learnt at school, making up rhymes, counting games, listening more than looking. Just watching how everything changes with the encroaching darkness.... As the Christmas season approached.. all the lights in the cottages and houses and the village entertained me and encouraged by friends on here, I made up words about running, to the tunes of Christmas Carols. I plan recipes too sometimes.. The lighter days, I, like you, just stare around me and take it all in :)

    I have a wrist alarm,( even though most of my runs are lanes and fields... and no-one except wildlife about)... a head torch and a flashing belt... besides my high-viz chest band...lots about head torches on the forum very recently, JoolieB1 posted and a few other folk, with photographs too! and I am going to treat myself to a new one !

    So... lots to fill your mind... and it is really never pitch black.. and there can be a moon, even in the mornings!


    Obviously, you have to watch out for and avoid night-creatures too... hiding behind the trees...:) Only joshing :)

  • I just go from day to day with weather forecast. As I said just yesterday in my long post, we'll wait and see what happens..😊

  • Love this...

  • I get to work at 7:30 so I'm afraid running in the morning is not likely to happen but you always make it sound appealing. Maybe I'll add Christmas music to my listening list for the last few days before the 25th, we'll see. i do feel slightly more positive reading all these replies! Thank you.

  • Can I enquire as to what wrist alarm you use?

  • Thanks!

  • Ha ha! I'm still waiting to experience an 'Indian summer' that we get promised every year.....

    I run in the mornings, have been out when it's still dark but begining to get light so haven't needed any torches, but have used high vis stuff, arm bands etc.. I have got a head torch but not used it yet, so sorry can't really help with running in the dark, I don't think I'd be too keen though....I've got a real thing about being able to see where my feet are going/landing....

    Hope you sort something that suits, you don't want to stop now......😄


  • It's funny that I don't remember anything much about running in the dark the past few winters, although I must have done it! What I do remember though is enjoying everyone's Christmas lights appearing from early December onwards. :) There's something very lovely about twinkly lights everywhere you go, I think!

    As for winter forecasts, I'm sure they have these articles already written and just trot them out every year. Not once have I seen a headline which says 'months of grey rainy weather to come, no real cold winter this year' - and yet that's what we seem to have had the past few years! ;)

  • So true.. the lights are magical... and so interesting to see who switches them on early mornings too :)

  • It's rarely really pitch black. There is mostly a moon and later Christmas lights. If it snows the whiteness reflects the light and it's even brighter. It can be really beautiful being the first one out in the crisp crunchy snow and certainly at the beginning it's not icey. Love it!

  • Love the tag!!!!! Get a head torch!!! I think one of my favourite dark runs was a commute I did to work a couple of years ago. I left in pitch black, everything was all twinkly and I saw the glow of bunnies, sheep and other random animal eyes as my torch shone on them. As I approached the city ( Bristol) daylight was just coming and also with the lights of the city getting brighter it was utterly magical. I would encourage you to go out and watch everything with new eyes under the glow of the headtorch and enjoy. If we get the snow, it's even more magical as everything glows and the frost in the air looks like sparkly diamonds... enjoy 😎😎😎😎👻

  • Give that young lady a round of applause! You said it perfectly ☺

  • Just as running in daylight revealed a whole new world in the supposedly familiar one - so too will running in the dark. Keep an open mind and see what happens :) More and more I'm finding that the journey is not really about running, that's just how we choose to move along a most interesting path ;)

  • Sorry everyone. How did that tag happen?? EEk.... I've never... honest. My vices are all legal!

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