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B210k run - day 1

Well - Monday morning - chucking rain - decided to start b210k run on my treadmill - after all it cant be that hard can it !!!!

I have never known seconds to pass so slowly and i didnt think i could do it but I DID - started running at 6.3 for the first 10 min run and then brought it back down to 5.3 for the rest of the run - i managed to do all of it and i am so chuffed as i had only couch to 5 k and 5k + - i had to say i really did miss Laura and her messages of drive your arms forward - and so thats what i kept saying to myself and counting 1234 1234 - the thing i now want to ask is how many times a week should you do week 1 - is it every 2nd day and give your body to recover in between ????? A HUGE THANK YOU TO SAMANTHA MURPHY for doing this podcast though - good choice of songs .....

Let me know your answers to my questions though please !!!!


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We got us another one!! :-) There seems to be several of us currently doing some form of a 10K program. Hubby, Steve and myself are using our bodies and weather as a guide to days of running. So far we keep it pretty much like C25K, alternating days and then having 2 days off before a new week. Just do whatever feels the most comfortable to you. Congratulations on getting started! Gayle


Hi there. I've been trying all afternoon to download the podcasts without any success. I've been trying to do it through Dropbox. Could you please let me know if I'm going about it the wrong way. I want to start training as soon as possible for a 10k and I'm up to 7k on the treadmill but I've not tried running that far outside due to the adverse weather we've been having. I haven't been on this site since October but its good to know that the support is still going strong for all the newbies.


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