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Week 1 run 2

Well that's the second run finished. Did well, found the first few runs I could have ran for longer but I'm sticking with the programme and I'm glad I did as the last run was difficult! I've done it though so I'm happy with that. :)

It could be three days before I get to do my last run of week one - do you think that will have a detrimental effect on my running? I can't get a babysitter until then so I'm kind of stuffed.

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You'll be OK having a longer break between runs. As a rule, it's good to get into the routine of every other day, but your stamina will build even if you have to take the odd longer break. If you find that you're just not ready to move on to the next week as a result of the longer gap you can always do another run from the same week.


Yeah, that's what I was thinking really. I try to run Monday, Wednesday and Friday but that's not always doable due to shift patterns and babysitting. I just don't want to ruin my chances of getting better and running for longer because I can't get out! It's frustrating, but I'm sure there's lots of runners on here in the same boat as me.

Thanks for the advice :)


Yes, don't fear, each time you go out your body will get a little bit fitter and stronger .... It's your head that'll forget or mistrust! :D

You're still in the early stages, so maybe you haven't yet read about or experienced the 'mind-over-matter' aspects of this training? Honestly, you'll be fine. Stick with the programme and believe that it can fit into your busy life and still work! Lots of luck with your campaign, and lots of luck choreographing the babies and sitters too! Best wishes, Linda x


Thanks Linda. I'm well aware of my mind and it's little demons - honestly, the negativity this morning was dreadful! I didn't really enjoy the run because of it but just last night I was reading some older blogs by runners who have graduated and I know how some people really have problems with their negativity, but have still finished the programme - so I know I can at least give it a try. If there is some advice on "mind over matter" I'd be more than happy to receive it :)


All the blogs are out there somewhere, but it'd take eons to find them all!

Here's a few remembered tips:

1 don't read ahead and terrify yourself about what's coming. Such a practice gives your negativity/fears fuel for existence! Instead, do each week and know that your body IS being adequately prepared for the next phase. Just step out with each new podcast, with a positive mind-set (boosted by your successes last time!) and let Laura explain things as you go.

2 if you ever have a bad run, then change your route before repeating it. Apparently 'things' on a repeated route can trigger negativity (by association), like the postbox where you got stitch, the tree where a slope uphill starts, the corner where your legs turned to jelly etc etc

3 use the early week's runs/walks to develop your most comfortable way of progressing - probably focus on breathing steadily first, then spend, say, one run concentrating on foot fall, another on length of stride, another on where your arms or head are etc etc. in this way you will gradually get to know your body better, you will learn how to adapt and change for hillsides, different weather, different road surfaces etc. Gradually, with better acquaintance with your own abilities, you will enjoy the music and your surroundings more - as your movements become almost instinctive. Knowing how each bit of you 'ticks' is powerfully positive (this is seriously mind's knowledge of matter)... and the act of working this out doesn't leave time in your head for negativity!

4 don't worry one jot about becoming 'faster'. Speed can and does develop later on (if you want it) - when everything else has come together and fitness and stamina have had time to establish. Laura regularly advises you to keep moving, even if you think your legs are lead-weighted! This is great advice - these warm down times are when your muscles prepare for the next outing!

5 accept that we will all, at some time, have a grotty run. Don't dwell on these! If there are lessons to be learned from them, fine, (learn them and move on) but otherwise just let them go. It is great to know from many blogs on here, that horrid runs are often followed by the 'best run yet' ... Stay optimistic, keep your faith in the programme - it really, really works. Just stick with it. :D

Hope these help a bit, Linda x

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Wow! Thanks so much for all that advice! Ill definately be using it in the weeks to come. A lot of what you say is really sensible and has struck a chord - and I would never have thought of them myself, so a big thanks to you for taking the time out to let me know :)


Three days won't do you any harm. Keep going though as this programme really does work. Keep running and good luck.


Thanks Maturelady, I'm definately going to keep at it :)


There have been a couple of times I've had a slightly longer break, including two weeks when I was laid up with an ear infection. I got out there again, once recovered, and it didn't take long to get back into my stride. So you don't need to worry about a 3 day break. Just enjoy your runs and look forward to that bit of 'me' time. Good luck with the rest of your programme.


Thanks Fitmo. Being a newbie I've lots of worries so I'm always on here reading other's blogs and getting advice.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. Two weeks is a long time! I bet you couldn't wait to get back out running! I will enjoy my time off, but to be honest, I really get excited about each run and the feeling of satisfaction when it's all over! :)


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