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B210K Week 1 Run 2 Success!!

I should really have done the second run of week 1 of B210K on Friday last week, but I'm ashamed to say I didn't. It was cold, snowing and very very windy, and I was tired after a long week, with a busy weekend in view. On top of all that, my partner was back after most of a week away, and a night in on the sofa with a bottle of wine was just too tempting.

So tonight, I was determind not to miss it. I started at a sensible pace, and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole run! It was a lot easier than the last time, even though that was 5 whole days ago.

The 5K mark came up over a minute sooner than last time, and my overall pace was better too. Looking at the record on the Garmin, the pace was also more consistent, which has to be a good thing.

I have to say, to anyone who's wondering whether to get a Garmin, do it! It's brilliant! The data means that my little brain has alwasy got somethig new to latch on to. When I'm actually out, it helps set milestones ("Just 100m to the next km" "Ooh, another 5minutes gone" etc). When I'm flagging it helps spur me on ("I'm not stopping at 3.85K!!") and when I get home it gives me a lot of information and concrete achievements to be chuffed about.

Today, for example, I didn't just go out and do the same as last week, but a little bit further - I knocked a minute off my 5K time, did my fastest ever km, and my best average pace.

10K, here I come!! :-D

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Thanks for the advice about Garmin and motivation... am considering getting one. :-)

Currently have one on loan from a friend... but it wasn't properly charged when I used it, so it quit almost immediately. Such a disappointment. Will give it another go soon.


Well done! I bet you did so well because of the several days' rest, rather than in spite of it.

I have a garmin, but it's the walkers' type and a bit big and heavy... so I've been a bit greedy and a couple of days ago I ordered myself a watch-type one too. As a late birthday treat. Which hopefully should arrive tomorrow! I am really looking forward to playing with the heart rate monitor numbers (having thought just a few weeks ago that I wasn't interested in such things).

Have you joined the NHS c25k garmin group? (Try searching on the tabs to find out how to join.)


Thanks for the encouragement as ever, Greenlegs!! I hadn't thought about the extra rest days being a positive thing - you're probably right about that. Well, the way my life works, running every other day just isn't an option, but perhaps that's not all bad... :-)

You'll love the watch-type Garmin. Mine's the basic one without the heart rate monitor, but it still gives me plenty of stats to get excited about!

(If my PE teachers at school could read this - me, ME turning into an exercise geek!! :-D)


Re PE teachers - me too! Even funnier, my sister-in-law used to be a PE teacher, and she is thinking about starting this programme because of me!! Apparently she's always hated running. Isn't that hilarious!


Brilliant! Look at you!! I bet you NEVER thought you'd be a sporty inspiration to a PE teacher!! :-D

What a brilliant thing to have on your running CV!! :-D


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