Wk6 Run 1

I did this run this morning and I have to say from reading the posts on here I was mentally prepared for it ie that although I was over the moon that I did the last run of 20 minutes I didn't get over confident. I know a lot of people write on here about the speed that they run and how disappointed that they are. I have a little piece of advice which I think Laura says as well on the couch to 5k, it doesn't matter how fast you go, it only matters that you go and do it. For me, I am sure that a snail on the path was 100mph faster than me but I'm not looking at catching up with the snail, I'm looking at doing my pace and keeping my feet moving for however long the run is. Whether the run is 60 seconds(week 1) or 30 minutes(to come for me on week 9), the feet will keep going. Stay positive everybody and fight the voices in your head saying you cannot do it or to stop or that you should not do today's run. Fighting the mental voices in your head is the hardest so my next challenge this week is finding music to combine with that will keep me going, ie Eye of the Tiger for the middle part of the long run which I found hardest. Still looking for more(might try Wind of Change).......


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  • A brilliant post and thanks for sharing. I do the same run tomorrow morning and I call my speed that of a sedated slug, but as you say, just keep going, think positive, beat the voices. My new toy arrived yesterday, managed to get a garmin on a different site for Β£50, need to play with that today and also get together my " running " list, also think Eye of the Tiger is a good choice, if you think of any more could use the help. Isnt it exciting to actually get to this point, whoever thought ............................

  • You are so right. I graduated a few months ago & I'm still not 'fast' by any stretch of the imagination, but I can definitely run further & for longer. And that's more important to me. Enjoy your running :)

  • Welcome to the club of common sense! So many people (several a day) worry unnecessarily about time and distance. You have put it so well and I hope everyone reads this post and takes on board what you have said. You will, clearly, not just complete this week but make steady progress now to your graduation. Well done, good luck (not that you'll need it) and best wishes.

  • I like Eye of the Tiger to run to. My fave at the mo is Rhianna Pon de Replay. It's a blast and it always gets me shifting my butt. It's best when it comes on near the end of the run as it livens me up to run a bit quicker.

  • This is so true! I measured just the run for week5 run 3 and in the 20mins went 1.57 miles at an average pace of 4.4mph. I did feel quite dissapointed at the distance as thought how am I going to run 5k in 30 mins. I then had a word with myself! I had just run 1.57 miles, non stop! That was amazing!! I'm 4.5st overweight so carrying lots of extra baggage, as the weight comes off and the weeks progress I'm hopeful time/distance will improve, but if it doesn't... Never mind! I can run!! X

  • Well done blunta on finding the best way that suits you to enable you to complete the c25k. I wish you all the best in completing the c25k. The thing is, the c25k can be different things to different people. To some, it does matter how fast they go but to others it doesn't. I think it's a bit unfair to infer, as another post states, people who wish to use the programme to reach the goal of running 5k in 30 minutes are lacking in common sense! If people want to do that then they should be encouraged to do so, not vilified.

  • I'm just done wk6 run 1 tonight and am snail-paced too: it totally doesn't bother me. My runner friend advised me that it's all about 'doing it'. I'm totally prepared for working on speed/distance after I graduate and see my fitness levels increasing. I'm not rushing it and I'm enjoying the journey. In my mind, I see my gradual approach being similiar to a 'good diet' (I never diet!) where you lose weight slowly and steadily and set new habits - the weight stays off more successfully - that's the way I see my fitness training.

    And now, I'm longing to do more - cycling, badminton etc - and I'm telling myself to go easy as I don't want to overdo it with too much enthusiasm!!!

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