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B210k run 1 done - felt great


Ok now I know I'm an addict. My ankle felt better and I really missed running the last few days so I decided to give the treadmill a go. Downloaded Sami and off I went. Run 1 - walk for 5 mins, run for 10, walk for 1, and repeat run and walk 3 more times - simples. Set my speed at 6.5mph and off I ran leaving the gremlins behind. Run 1 went well no pain from my ankle and only slightly wobbly due to Labrynthitis which is dragging on. The music was good but variable volume and Sami is a lot quieter than Laura. I dropped the remote bent down to pick it up and the safety switch stopped the treadmill - probably a good thing.

Restarted the treadmill and my minute was up and it was time to run again. Second lot completed feeling really good but a bit out of breath. Third ten minutes was hard I got to the end but the head gremlins caught up and started you've only run 35 mins in the past, you can't make it. So I dropped the speed to 6mph took an extra 20 seconds and set off for the last ten minutes. I made it for 4 mins and thought I can manage another 2, then another 2, then 1 then up to 7mph and finish in style

So what did I learn - my ankle is fine for running on a treadmill, labrynthitis gets better as you run, my new running undershorts with anti-chaffe cream stops the chaffing, it took me a longer time to get my heart rate back down but I feel fantastic.

5miles in total with over 4miles in the 40 mins.

Really glad I did it and looking forward to the next one. Not all good though as my ankle really complained when i was stretching afterwards.

Happy running

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I used it, graduated after doing week 4 more than once, and loved it

Well done GF

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to misswobble

Brilliant MW well done. Would love to achieve it in 5 weeks but I'm off to Gran Canaria in 4 weeks and I know that will be hot. Going to take my kit anyway though. Did you get another badge for 10k?

sounds like a sensible approach. I liked the speed interval as it was short ;-) Will have to see how I get on with it. Let us know how you get on


I'm using the b210k runs but only once a week (doing Speed once a week and just going for a 30 minute jog another day) with the aim of eventually getting to 10k. Did week 1 once but have decided to do the other runs 3 times each. I also had labrynthitis through the winter and definitely find running helps chase away the symptoms on dizzy days.


I have never used a treadmill -- so I am unsure of how I would go on one. I am told that running on the road is much more difficult?? BUT - by my calculations 6.5 MPH is 5mins 45 seconds per klm . This is a fairly hot pace for a beginner runner (C25K graduate -- see my other post re beginner runners :) ) and would mean around a 27 and 1/2 minute 5K race. I certainly could not do that on the road with B210K -- I am doing the B210K runs at 8 minutes per K .

But - I am a slow runner and not on the treadmill.

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

Hi Bazza, Yes during C25K I set myself a challenge of 5k in less than 27 minutes and had to run 7.1mph (I don't like metric) - I managed it in 26.5 mins so I know I can go fast. I use an incline on the treadmill of 2 to make it harder as I find outside running is different. On the speed intervals I got up to 8mph. I know I am pushing myself as a newbie but I get a great feeling from it so will keep going. Really excited my trail shoes are meant to come today so I'll be able to get back outside for my next run and hopefully avoid rolling my ankle.


Glad to hear things are getting better again, and running on the treadmill is working for your ankle. It's good to get back into it again isn't it?

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to I_will

Thanks - Really fantastic to run again - who knew it was so addictive?


Yes. I'm taking 3+ weeks per b210k week. + because I don't manage a long run every week. Bit I'm not training for an event just trying to increase distance.


Trail shoes! Ankle! What shoes have you ordered then?, Miss Wobbles enquires nosily

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to misswobble

New Balance mt610v3


A bit bright ?


Well done gettingfitter. This sounds like a really good run.

Good luck with Sami and be kind to yourself, take an extra rest day here and there if you need :)

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to emkeenan

Will do em thanks for posting the link


Kitty don't go running an extra day. It might be your undoing. It did me in!!!!!

New Balance ey! Hmmmm. Rubs chin. MrsPinkRunningtop who was doing the Jeff Galloway shuffle in front of me in the race I did on Sunday was wearing NB's. She seemed to be doing very well in them too. Hers were very bright too. LOL One of the young ladies who came second fastest was also in NB's.

If you do Sami Podcasts GF I would stick to 3 times a week I really would. Especially so, as you like me, have this ankle issue. My ankle has been fine as I've not run since Sunday, so I think overdoing things is not an option

Will let you know how I get on with them. Ankle seems ok this morning but I agree you definitely need rest days as that's when your muscles grow ;-)

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