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B210k R1 or W19R2!!

First of my B210k runs. It is NOT continuous but is an interval run at 10:1, so there are 3x1 minute walks interspersing the 4 x 10 minute runs. Nonetheless I am well pleased with this. It looks like I have found my next programme after all!

That's what I posted in my Endomondo notes today. However I look at it 7.46k in 40:07 minutes is pretty good. I used a podcast that I got on a link from this blog. Samantha is definitely no Laura and the music has no regular rhythm a la Audio Fuel. I tried my hardest to do a 1234 in my head and aloud but it got subsumed by the volume of the (mainly American) soft rock and mainstream music. Can't say I liked the music especially but no matter I did a good steady pace and faster than I was doing with Stepping Stones.

I had planned to do a bit of mix 'n' match with Speed and Stamina but it may be the B210k is just too right for me to not do it properly. The big thing will be a new commitment in time so let's see how it goes while I'm on the Christmas hols. I should get a few sessions in before we start back first full week in Jan.

To everyone out there: Happy New Year and happy running!

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Very well done Janda! Curious how you get on with this, I'm looking at wanting to be able to run 10K by my Birthday in May. Looking forward to your next blog. Happy New Year to your family and wishing you a blessed 2013! Gayle


Well done, sounds like a good time :-)

will be good to know how you get on with this as well, I am planning to do a 10k in July. Have just run W7R2, so thinking already about what is next for me


Thanks Stampy. I think it is good to have an idea of what's next. When I graduated from c25k I spent the next ten weeks trying things out. First I kept with W9 podcast to improve my distance. Then I mixed in the c25k+ Speed and Stamina podcasts before doing the Stepping Stones runs the latter kept me running and got the rhythm but sacrificed pace. I did plan for B210k but into the New Year . Never mind. A good start made. Keep blogging and keep running.


well done! I'm still playing around with my own version of 10K training, but I might give that a try for a change. I'm trying to not get too hung up on times at the moment, just more increasing my distance and then doing a little speed training in between to hopefully pep things up a bit. I hope you are able to do the longer runs when you return to work - at least plan a good long one for the weekends.


Impressive! I just completed B210K (used my own music though) and am "only" going 7k in one hour. "Only" because that is 7k more than I could run in an hour last August!

I found I slowed down as I progresses on B210K, especially once I got to the full 60 minutes. But I didn't worry about that and focused on distance.

Endomondo tells me I have run 253km in 2012. That is fully 253km more than I ran in 2011! It's a pretty good tool for motivation, I find.


Brilliant stuff Genevan. We all go at our different pace and for different distances. What counts is the running and the feelgood and staying fitter. 253k is pretty impressive! And definitely a motivator. Enjoy.


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