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Week 9 Run 2 - one left!

Back again as I was a day late with my last blog! Well, it wasn't the most enjoyable run ever as I left it a bit late and the sun was quite strong, but it passed without any major incidents! I stumbled on some roots, but luckily apart from looking a bit silly, I don't think any harm was done. I think my legs have got a bit tired with these longer runs and then walking on my rest days, so I am happy that I have two recovery days lined up now.

I think that the one teeny bottle sports drink, one of water worked well for me today. I missed my cropped running trousers and vest though. Don't worry, I wasn't scaring anyone, I just couldn't find my kit so wore running jogging bottoms and a cotton t-shirt. I felt a bit chubbier without my my lycra and a bit less like a proper runner!

All being well I will attempt my graduation run on Monday, wearing my proper stomach-supporting kit! If I do it I might even take a new photo!

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I am so pleased that you've pretty well gone and done it!. You are going to feel superb and fantastic on Monday! Just do the run on Monday with all the tiny details that make your runs doable in place. The right drink, the right kit, the right mindset. All that stuff.

We all eagerly await your new photo!

GOOD LUCK! We are all rooting for you! Enjoy the weekend too!


Thank you so much for the advice and encouragement! I am quite excited now! Hope that you enjoy the weekend (and any running) too!


Running is going to be hard to fit in this weekend. I am involved with a microscopy 'clinic' session testing bee samples for disease. Fascinating stuff and always fun being around other mad beekeepers!

I went for a 'run' with my local club on Tuesday but found it very light. It didn't feel like a run at all. Well it wasn't really - we walked most of it.

Did a week 9 run yesterday on my own and found that much more satisfying but it has thrown my planned running days out of kilter. Will have to run on Sunday now not tomorrow. I must find something to keep me challenged because it is becoming too easy to put off getting out at the mo. I have a new smart phone which will help me with stats etc once I know how to set it up. I'm spending too much time on computer checking things out! Computers are half the reason I am so fat. Too much stress and too much inactivity! (Not to mention too many calories!)


Meeting you fellow beekeepers sounds fun. I am surprised that your local club walked so much, I was thinking of looking for one if I manage to finish this programme, but I'm scared that everyone will be too fast. I also spend far too much time on the computer as a freelance web designer! I love seeing my running stats on my smart phone though. It is quite motivating to run against your own average mile time or duration, although I am not getting much faster just yet!


Look fwd to seeing that fab new photo- pratice that celebratory dance on the spot - and the winning smile just in case someone does take photo:-)


Ha ha, good idea! Not sure that I would have enough energy left for a celebratory dance though!


Good stuff big-momma!

Can't wait to read your graduation post. Good luck!


Thanks, I so hope that I do manage to do it!


Way to go - you're almost there!


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