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Week 9 Run 2 - Aaaaargghhh


Just when I think I can do this....my body and mind tries to let me know I can't.

My run this morning was one of the worst I can remember.....calves were aching really early on....and the voices in my head were telling me to stop.....and I did contemplate it many times but the thought of having to do the run again was too much so I kept going and did the 30 minutes.....so I guess re-reading this I should actually be pleased with myself that I didn't give up......but damn that was hard and not quite sure why.

Next run......I will graduate (hopefully)!

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Could be one of those weird blips that you can get now and again. Did you drink plenty of water yesterday? Congrats on pushing through it though. You should be extra proud of yourself. 1 more to go. All the best with it!!! 🐾✌

Sooz31Graduate in reply to Hidden

I probably never drink enough water!!! Hoping it is as you said a weird blip! Thanks for the encouragement.


Everyone has a not so fun run now and again - but you kept going and didn't give in to the gremlins - so well done. You can do this - just relax and you will get that run 3 graduation done. 😊

Best of luck - that shiny grad badge is almost yours - it's a massive achievement be proud of what you have done🤗x

Sooz31Graduate in reply to Bandit14

Thank you for the support and encouragement!


Well done, you did it.

There is always a reason why some runs are, or appear to be, harder than others and if you can fathom it out then you can avoid those situations in future.

Restedness, hydration, fuelling and general mental state are the main personal variables to consider, while the external influences can be time of day, route, weather etc.

You should drink a minimum of 2 to 2.5 litres of fluids per day and considerably more when exercising. It makes a huge difference to performance to get hydration correct. Drink today for tomorrow's run.

Sooz31Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you for your advice. I will make sure I drink plenty of fluids tomorrow for the final run on Wednesday.


My second run in week 9!was a bad one as well had a stitch for second half of it and struggled to finish. But final run was fine so I guess that is how things work sometimes. Good luck on the final run. - it will probably be easier than you expect. I’ve done two runs since I graduated and was able to enjoy them more with the pressure off.

Sooz31Graduate in reply to sozzy26

Thanks for the encouragement. Have to say my legs feel like lead this morning but going to drink lots of water and lighter finish this off tomorrow or Thursday depending on how I feel. It is great to hear that you are enjoying your post graduation runs.

Well done for keeping going; that shows real strength of purpose and commitment. Very impressive and inspirational xxx

Sooz31Graduate in reply to Languid_Lil

Thank you! I have to say the program just seems to work for me....and I do like to finish things (eventually!!) You look like you are doing amazing yourself x


Well done on completing the run , this shows how far you have come already physically and mentally ..

As others have said there can be a myriad of reasons for tough run and good advise regarding hydration ... i must do better with that too ..

enjoy your rest day, time to reset and then go out and rock that last run, which I am sure you will 😊😊


Well done 😀

I’ve got run 3 to go of week 9 It’s taken me longer than 9 weeks. Illness etc. I did run 2 yesterday. Think I should have rerun week 8 first as I had done 1st run of week 9 over a week ago. I think I will do 2nd run again. I managed to finish it but it was quite tiring.

I’m nearly there though!!!!

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